Handmade jewelry project: a ring and a pendent

This is one of my handmade jewelry projects. Unfortunately I do not have much time to cover them all in my blog. This fabric ring and pendent are the part of one of my refashion projects.

I have bought a pair of huge and ugly green pants at a flea market. I looked exactly like Asterix in them. But I refashioned them into a stylish skirt and a handbag. I had some scrapes left, so I made this fabric jewelry set.

fabric jewelry set`

fabric jewelry set

This is my green fabric pendent. It is accompanied by the fabric ring.

fabric jewelry set

fabric jewelry set

Here is my quick how to on this fabric jewelry set. I used coins for the fabric circle bases. I used hot glue gun for attaching the fabric to the coins. I have also used a piece of recycled belt as the base for the pendent. So, this is a go green jewelry project, as I have used only recycled or recycable materials for it.

fabric jewelry set

fabric jewelry set

As you may see, I have used just tiny scrapes of fabric for this jewelry project. Still it does look good and I get many people asking me where I got this set.

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