Handmade Jewelry: DIY Ukraine style ethnic necklace

DIY project – ethnic style handmade jewelry

This is my new handmade jewelry project made out of Ukraine ethnic trim you can find in my Etsy shop.

Ethnic trim DIY necklace

Ethnic trim DIY necklace

It’s a small and bright pendent fashioned after Ukraine ethnic style. Here is my DIY step by step project for it.

List of materials:

– Large coin

–  wide Ethnic trim

– small piece of felt

– small piece of jewelry wire or pendent holder

– small beads (read and white)

– larger size bids

– ribbon or jewelry cord

– hot glue gun and needle

At the first glance it seems to be a large list of stuff, but most of it you can find right in your home. First comes the coin. It’s going to be our ethnic pendant foundation. Coins are nice to work with. I used Ukrainian 5 kopek coin, it’s the largest one.

I took a piece of wide ethnic trim (you may find one in my Etsy store).

тесьма3Cut a piece out of it and used hot glue gun to glue it onto one side of a coin. You can sort of wrap it around the coin, if you have Ukraine trim wide enough. Do not worry about the other side and how it looks. Try to make it as tidy as possible, but we’ll deal with it later.

Then I made a little 8 shape out of jewelry wire. I just rolled it up to make a pendent holder. I also glued it to the other side of the coin. Finally, I cut out a small felt circle matching the size of the coin and glued it onto the other side of the coin to hide the back side.

I used a thin bead needle and transparent thread to sew up the bids onto the facial side of my ethnic style necklace. And I made three hanging tails out of the beads at its lower side as a way of decorating it.

The last touch was to tie a red ribbon to the wire part of the Ukraine style pendant. It took me about half an hour to make this jewelry, so it is an easy ethnic jewelry DIY project. Enjoy and share your crafts with me. Find my other carfts and project at Pinterest.

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