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DIY flower headband for kids with felted fabric flowers

I love making headbands. This one is made in ethnic style or Ukraine style with red poppy flowers.

DIY headband

ethinic trim headband

This headband is made out of Ukraine ethnic trim you can get in my Etsy store. The base for it is made after recycled crafts, cause I used a piece of plastic bottle as a foundation for the headband.

Here is how the headband is made. Step by step DIY

I cut out a piece of plastic and used hot glue gun to attach trim to it. First I applied wider piece of the trim and them added a narrower one on the top from the front side.

Next, I placed to wooden bids on 2 pieces of ribbon and tied knots on one end of the ribbon. The other end was attached to the headband using glue gun. These are the headband strips used to hold in on one’s head.

I have used a piece of felt to cover up the other side of the headband and hide the plastic. I glued it there with the hot glue gun. Finally, I have made a small red poppy flower bouquet out of felt. Each flower consists out of 4 heart shape petals glued together. I attached them to the headband with the glue. You can find more photos of this DIY here. You can follow my fabric flower Pinterest board to get more inspiration.

White lace flower brooch, bracelet and ring

This is a set I have made out of recycled lace, so it is a refashion project.

White lace flower brooch, bracelet and ring

White lace flower brooch, bracelet and ring

White lace flower brooch, bracelet and ring

White lace flower brooch, bracelet and ring


This vintage looking creamy lace flower jewelry set is fitting for many occasions. It consists of a three flower lace brooch with pink and creamy large bead in the center. It has a large ring with the adjustable size base and a lace bracelet both adorn with pink and creamy beads and rolled lace flowers. The ring and the bracelet flowers are little less than one inch wide in size.

The lace flower brooch is about two inches in size. The brooch flowers are adjusted to a piece of white and sparkling recycled belt and have a pin on the other side. This handmade jewelry set is appropriate for a wedding or any other special occasion

White lace flower brooch, bracelet and ring

White lace flower brooch, bracelet and ring

Part of the flowers here are rolled out of lace. The set looks vintage and very sophisticated. You may find it in my Etsy shop recycledcrafting.

Handmade jewelry project: a ring and a pendent

This is one of my handmade jewelry projects. Unfortunately I do not have much time to cover them all in my blog. This fabric ring and pendent are the part of one of my refashion projects.

I have bought a pair of huge and ugly green pants at a flea market. I looked exactly like Asterix in them. But I refashioned them into a stylish skirt and a handbag. I had some scrapes left, so I made this fabric jewelry set.

fabric jewelry set`

fabric jewelry set

This is my green fabric pendent. It is accompanied by the fabric ring.

fabric jewelry set

fabric jewelry set

Here is my quick how to on this fabric jewelry set. I used coins for the fabric circle bases. I used hot glue gun for attaching the fabric to the coins. I have also used a piece of recycled belt as the base for the pendent. So, this is a go green jewelry project, as I have used only recycled or recycable materials for it.

fabric jewelry set

fabric jewelry set

As you may see, I have used just tiny scrapes of fabric for this jewelry project. Still it does look good and I get many people asking me where I got this set.

Plastic bottle crafts and fabric flower jewelry

Plastic bottles seem to be everywhere. And it is a great idea to recycle or upcycle them into useful items instead of throwing them away. Another advantage of plastic bottle crafts is their affordability. Still, you can create awesome designs using plastic bottles. Check out my plastic bottle baskets for instance.

But here we’ll take a look at creating jewelry using plastic bottles and pieces of fabric.

plastic bottle crafts

plastic bottle crafts

This is a set of handmade jewelry in blue: a plastic bottle crocheted over bracelet adorn with rolled fabric roses and a brooch.

Here is a quick DIY tutorial for the plastic bottle bracelet. Cut out a slice of plastic bottle. Prick or melt holes on the edges of it. Then crochet it over with yarn. Done. It’s that easy. You can use color plastic bottle instead of transparent one. White plastic bottles can be easily decoupaged with napkins to make them look even better.

fabric flower jewelry

fabric flower jewelry

Now you can decorate your plastic bottle craft with flowers and lace. I used blue fabric to rolled these roses of and glued them to the plastic bottle bracelet.

fabric flower broch

fabric flower brooch

Now comes the blue brooch. It’s very easy to make. You cut out a paper circle pattern of the size you like. Then you cut out at least four fabric circles, fold them in four and glue them with hot glue gun or stitch them to the base. Then you may use beads, lace or ribbons to decorate your flower brooch. Glue the pin at the back side and it’s done.


Check out my boards on Pinterest for more inspirations. I have a whole board of DIY fabric flower tutorials there.

Crochet diy bracelet and pendent with glass stones

I love crochet diy bracelets and other handmade jewelry. For one it is unique and no one else has ecxactly the same thing. Plus, these things do look special.

crochet diy bracelet

crochet diy bracelet

One of the best things about handmade jewelry is that you can easily make it yourself. You need to learn only some basic crafting skills, such as basic crocheting, for instance. Then the choice is limited by your imagination and creativity only. This set of diy bacelet and pedent was real easy to make. It took me about half an hour to make it.

The only supplies I used for it was the yarn, glass stones and glue. Here is how I made this diy bracelet: I crocheted the base measuring it against the stone. Then I used rubber glue to fix the stone in the crochet base. That’s it. The craft is easy, but the diy bracelet look great. You may couple it by a pair of stone crocheted ear rings, too.

Crafting handmade jewelry: crochet pendent and bracelet

This far I have made some handmade jewelry pieces. It’s a new crochet and recycled carft project.

recycled craft handmade jewelry

recycled craft handmade jewelry

It’s a pendent and a bracelet. I used metal discs for the pendent. I crocheted over three of them and joined them together on one string with a bead. I used plastic bottle as the base for my bracelet. I crocheted it over and used the same string as for the crocheted pendent to decorate it.

recycled craft handmade jewelry

recycled craft handmade jewelry

It’s an easy craft and the jewelry looks good on you.


DIY bracelet how to in 4 easy steps

Makign a nice looking bracelet is very easy. Here is my step by step DIY bracelent how to for you. Here is what you’d need for your bracelet:

– Plastic bottle

– Yarn

– Crocheting hook

– Pricker

– Beads

DIY bracelet how to

DIY bracelet how to:

1. Cut out a piece of plastic bottle. If it is too big for your hand or too small you may cut the plastic ring to make a strip out of it. This would let you make the ring smaller or bigger.

2. Use pricker to prick holes all around the plastic ring or strip from both sides. The holes should be placed near the endge on each side.

3. Use crocheting hook and yarn to crochet your DIY bracelet all around. I make three crochets into each hole. If i’ve made holes too wide apart, I make few chain crochets to bridge the gap between the two holes. Go in a circle all around the bracelet. This way you get two rows of crochet on each side of it.

4. Make a crocheted chain to fasten the bracelet and decorat it with beads. Or crochet a flower to decorate the bracelet.

Here is what you get: Your DIY bracelets

DIY bracelet how to

This is an easy craft and a green one, as you repurpose and upcycle things we usually throw away. Plastic bottle crafts have much to offer and most projects are pretty easy to do. I’ve spent about 10 min doing each of these DIY bracelets.

Crocheted ring and other crocheted accessories

This week I have not been up to much cooking, cleaning or decoupage, but I got busy with crocheting. Here are my crocheted rings and other crocheted accessories.

crocheted ring

I have laid out a free crochet pattern for this 5 petal flower.

crocheted ring

Kids love these crocheted rings!

Here is my crocheted head band with flowers. I used a different pattern for these.

crocheted head band It was an old and ugly head band. I crocheted it over with the pink yarn and added crocheted flowers.

I have also crocheted a bracelet for myself:

crochet flower bracelet

I have crocheted a foundation for it, all the flowers and leaves and the button.

Finally, the last one of my crocheted accessories is the pendent.

crocheted pendent

crocheted pendent

It would look great, if coupled by a pair of ear rings of the same type.

These are my little crochets of the week: crocheted rings, crocheted bracelet, crocheted head band and crocheted pendent.