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Growing green onion at home

Green onions in your kitchen There are several benefits of growing green onions.

For one, you get fresh, vitamin rich greens and ecologically clean and safe, too.

Plus, it saves you money, as where I live, a pound of green onion costs as much as pound of meat.

That’s onions and garlic growing. I got a sack of onion to last me for the winter. Some of them started to grow. I also had an old kitchen hanger I used to store herbs in. I put some foil on it, then put some cotton wads in to keep the moist, poured water and set the onions in.

Crocheting: tea pot warmer

Tea pot warmer, crochet styleCorcheting is fun, as it does not limit your creativity. Here is a crocheted tea pot warmer. It is both a decorative and useful item. It keeps the brewed tea warm longer. And, it makes the tea pot looking nice on a served table.

In a matter of hours you get ugly things turned into pretty ones.

Crochet tea pot warmer

Quick pastry recipes: choux pastry hearts

pastry recipes: heartsThese choux pastry hearts was my first at them. But, it is a quick and delicious pastry recipe.

Choux pastry dough ingredients:

Melted butter 3,5 oz

Flour 3,7 oz

4 eggs

1/2 tea spoon of salt

2 tea spoons of sugar

0,5 pints of water


Quick pastry recipe making:

Set water to boil in a large pot. Add butter, sugar and salt. When the water starts boiling, you set it off the stove and add all the flour. Then quickly start mixing up the dough. It has to become smooth and roll into sort of a ball.

You let it cool off for few minutes, then start adding eggs one by one. You have to mix the eggs in fast, so they would not get cooked in the hot dough.

You dough is ready. You may either make hearts or just make round eclairs from it. You may fill them with cream or top with hot chocolate. I used the hot chocolate recipe from my blog  here for this quick pastry recipe.

choux pastry hearts

I’ve made these hearts with my kids. They loved to squeeze the pastry out and form different eclairs. So, it’s a good idea for entertaining kids, too.

The need for seed

the doodle house

Blast those nincompoops who told us, as children, that gardening is as simple as dropping a seed in a hole and splashing it with water. Maybe that’s the case in the Northwest, but here in Texas it’s just not that simple…especially when you’re talking about seed starting.

Heath’s been itching to start gardening from seeds (rather than transplanting) for quite some time now. For one, it’s a pretty stellar way to feel somewhat God-like. Taking a tiny pebble-like object and transforming it into leafy, nutrient providing green. It does wonders for the ego.

Secondly, if the seeds grow to maturity, it’s a much, much, much more economical way to garden. Think about it: a single 3-inch tall tomato plant usually costs around $3.50 and will probably yield around 15 pounds of fruit in a good (“good” being the operative word) season. Not too bad considering what you pay in a…

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Decoupage how to: 10 min decor for an old cracked plate

Plate decoupageDecoupage how to: Plate decoupage tips

The problem with me is that I am not good at taking pictures. These things do look different in real life.

I had an old and cracked plate, a nice flower napkin, some glue and some foil. I used PVA adhesive glue for this plate.

Here is my decoupage how to:

First I cleaned the plate well and tried to remove all the oil from it. You may use spirit to do that.

Then I sort of crumpled the foil, tore it to pieces and started to glue them one by one to the outer circle of the plate.

Then I cut out the flower pattern out of napkin and glued it to the middle of the plate and partially over the foil parts. I also glued several bids just to make it look nicer.

Plate decoupage tipsIt took me about 10 min to decorate that plate with the decoupage technique, I used.

My house cleaning story testimony or how the 1st cleaning tip worked for me

Housekeeping tips

I have a tiny house. It has only two rooms: one large and one small. So, it gets a bit crowdy both for people and for things in my house. I used to have real trouble with housekeeping to keep all things on their proper places. I heaped them in all kinds of places and mostly I heaped them in my small bed room.

I have a baby sitter coming to my home to stay with kids, while I work. I was really ashamed to show her that small room. Sometimes, she had to come in there to get the clothes for the baby. Every time she did, I felt bad over the mess in that room. It really got messy. I had heaps of things on the bed and on the chairs; toys all over the floor, etc. You know, how it gets with smalls kids playing.

When I discovered Flylady system, I decided to get that room cleaned. You know what? It took me a week to gather up all my strength and heart to plan that big cleaning. I decided to follow simple Flylady rules: set the alarm clock for 15 min and try to do only basic cleaning. I.e., to move all the things to right places, even if it was just to heap them over in on my shelves, to vacuum, dust and may be even wash the floor. No need to move away beds, wash windows, etc. Just very basic cleaning.

I honestly believed, it would take me few hours to get that done. I did not see any good reason to set the alarm clock for 15 min. What can one get done in 15 min with such a mess? But, I followed the rule and set it.

Guess what? I got to work, moved out all the heaped stuff, picked up the toys, made my bed, vacuumed, dusted and washed the floor just in 11 MINUTES! I worked quickly, but I could not believe my own eyes! Just 11 minutes!

That room looked completely different after that cleaning. I spent a week going around the house in bad mood, thinking about the upcoming cleaning in the small room. I wasted a week for being in downcast spirits, but it took me only 11 min to get rid of the mess. It looked like a miracle to me.

And, never since I had that mess coming back to my small room. Now I know the truth and it has set me free: things do not take as long, as we think, they would. And, even 15 min cleaning matters.

Easy Pan Cake Recipe For The Shrove Tuesday

Easy pan cake recipe

We all love pancakes, so we make them not only for the Shrove Tuesday, which we call in our country “Maslyanitsa”. This means “Fatty or butter week”.

It takes only 5 min to mix pancakes for the Shrove Tue.


Sour milk or keffir

1 egg

3 table spoons of sugar

1/2 tea spoon of salt

1/2 tea spoon of baking soda

1 cup of flour


I just mix all the ingredients up together to attain the right thickness of the mix. I make it pretty thick, as good as home cream.

I have two tricks to make the pancakes more delicious and more feathery.

Pancake tip #1:

I add few table spoons of sour cream into the mix. It makes pan cakes more delicious and feathery.

Pancake tip #2:

I grate 1 apple into the mix. It adds a fruity touch of flavor to pancakes.

Crocheting: How to make a handmade lamp

Hand made crocheted lampCrocheting: Hand made lamp

I love to make pretty things. And, I simply love it, when I can make them out of some things, no one needs.

It took me only 4 hours to make this hand made lamp. I crocheted it.

As a stand for it I used a wine bottle. I also had an old lampshade at home. And, I had two little green and gray yarns.

Besides, my husband is an electrician. So, I did not have to pay anyone to make this lamp shine.

I found a pretty simple crochet style in the Internet and got to work. I used two hooks of different sizes to crochet this lamp.

Hand made lampIt’s a pity I am not a great photographer. The lamp does not look as good on my pictures, as it does in reality.

Just little creativity and time and you get exclusive decor lamp for your bedroom.

Handmade lamp