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Glass bottle and clay vase decoupage project

I have to admit, I have not been crafting much of late. I just had not time for it. Here is one of my recent and partially unfinished decoupage projects on glass bottle and clay vase.

glass bottle decoupage

This is a smaller size decoupaged glass bottle. It is finished and I am using it for my fresh salad veggie oil.

clay vase decoupage

The clay vase is not finished yet, but I am still using it in my household. It’s an authentic old clay thing. I keep fresh apples and other fruits in it. That’s all for now as to my decoupage projects.


I am not a person who is into conspicuous consumption.  I have spent far more attention on accumulating books than on how my furniture looks.  I do have a preference for midcentury furniture, particularly as it transitions out of Arts and Crafts and into Mod.  I like the clean lines of it and the emphasis on beauty through simplicity and nice wood.  When I bought the house seven years ago, we moved in with NOTHING but an echo.  Little at a time, we acquired a piece here and piece there.  The net result is that we have a jumble of 1950’s furniture with varying wood tones, lines and styles.

I recently covered the dining room table with road maps and Modge Podge.  From there, it was ON!! When I bought my house it came with a piano and a case of sheet music.  The sheet music has been in storage…

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Coconut and yarn crafts project: bottle decor and handmade box

Here is another one of my bottle decor and upcycling projects.

Upcycling: yarn for glass bottle and coconut

I have gotten a roll of natural linen yarn. I also picked a nice bottle for upcycling. This bottle decoration project is very easy, unlike the decoupage one. You simply roll the year around the bottle. I used yarn of two colors and have crocheted a small pendant to decorate the bottle.

The only difficulty was to wrap the yarn around the part of the bottle between the think and thin. I had to use a bit of glue to make the yarn stay there and not slip in loops.

I also had an empty coconut I was sorry to throw away. So, I used the same yarn to crochet a cover for it and now my daughter is using it as a box to store her hair pins in. So, it’s a simple, but very useful coconut box and yarn bottle decor and upcycling project.

Upcycling: yarn for glass bottle and coconut