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How to decoupage: glass decoupage picture

This is one of my latest decoupage projects: glass decoupage picture. I found a nice piece of glass in my garragge. First, I did not have any idea what to do with it. But, after all, I got inspired and here is what came out of it.

glass decoupage picture

Today I have done another glass decoupage picture and later on I’ll share step by step workshop on it.

Trickled pastries soup recipe

Ukrainian trickled pastries soup recipe is easy. You just cook regular soup. I made a chicken soup. I made a chicken broth, then added few potatoes, one carrot, one onion, some greens and made my trickled pastries.

To make them I mixed one egg with enough four to make a thick dough.

Trickled pastries soup recipe

Then, when your soup is boiling, you pick little pieces of pastry and throw them into your soup.

Here is the ready made Ukrainian trickled pastries soup:

Ukrainian trickled pastries soup


My decoupage projects’ gallery

DECOUPAGE POST NOTICE: I got time to make these decoupage projects, but don’t have time to write about them.

But, they are coming soon!

List of top 4 easy green and safe homemade cleaning products

Are you serious about living green? Good for you and for your health. Here you will find a list of 4 easy green and safe homemade cleaning products. If you are not aware yet of the danger of toxic substances in household cleaning supplies, read this post:

green homemade cleaning supplies

  1. Homemade cleaning products for your dishes
    Baking soda is a versatile cleaner. You can use it to meet many of your kitchen and household cleaning needs. It can be a great component for make safe homemade cleaning products and supplies.

    For one, you can use baking soda as your dish washing supply. If you wash dishes by hands, you can just dip the sponge into some baking soda and clean the dishes with it. If you have a hard time removing fat and oil off your dishes, mix baking soda with mustard and water. This would help you easily remove fat and avoid using surface active toxic substances, which lead to cancer development.

  2. Homemade cleaning products for bathroom and toilet cleaning
    You can make a homemade paste for cleaning your toilet and bathroom. Mix some baking soda with soap. You can either use liquid soap or grate soap bar and mix it with the baking soda. Add some water and rub your bath tub and toilet with this paste.

    Unlike many over the counter cleaning supplies, this homemade cleaning product does not leave a toxic substance residue in the bathtub. This means, you keep your skin and body safe from getting intoxicated with those chemicals. Besides, baking soda and soap mix cleanses your bathtub sparingly and keeps it nice looking and functional for a longer time.

  3. Spray homemade cleaning products
    One of the easiest things is to make a safe and non toxic spray type homemade cleaning supply. You just mix some water with white vinegar. Mix them in one to one proportion and pour into an old spray bottle.

    You can use this spray to clean most things in your kitchen. You can clean your sink, countertops, windows, oven or stove surfaces, etc.

  4. Furniture polish homemade cleaning products
    Most furniture polishes or waxes contain toxic substances. To avoid this, you can use a very affordable and easy to make furniture polish. Use a mix of lemon juice and olive oil. Lemon contains acid, which removes fat and dirt off your furniture, while olive oil adds it a touch of shining and gloss. If you just need to clean the furniture, you may rub it with the lemon, cut in half.

As you may see, these homemade cleaning products are really easy to make and safe to use. They do not contain any toxic substances and do not threaten your health. Besides, they save you money, as most of such homemade cleaning supplies are much cheaper, than over the counter cleaning products.

Glass bottle decoupage how to

A new glass bottle decoupage project. My friend likes the bottles, I make. So, I decided to make her one, too. Here it is:

glass bottle decoupage how to It used to be a green glass wine bottle. Most likely, she’d use it for sunflower oil, so this napkin suggested itself to me.

Here are some decoupage tips:

glass bottle decoupage how to That’s the first time I covered it with white paint. I had to repaint it at least 3 times.

Here is a decoupage tip #1: Apply some spirit based window cleaner to the bottle, after you wash it. This will remove all the fat off it. Then you paint would get stuck better to it.

When it dried up, I cut out my napkin pattern. Here is how I apply it to the bottle.

Decoupage how to tip #2: I apply transparent polish very sparingly to the bottle, then I apply the napkin. It does not get soaked up with the polish and does not wrinkle much.

When you adjust it nicely, put more polish on. I also polished it several times and put polish on the top of paint. That is a quick glass bottle decoupage how to.

3 facts on toxic substances in your house cleaning supplies

Most of us take special care to get our houses clean and nice smelling. But have you ever thought of how many toxic substances are contained in our daily use house cleaning supplies? Take a look at 5 stunning acts on toxic substances in cleaning supplies, which contaminate our homes and threat our health.

Toxic substances in cleaning supplies

  1. Using dish washing supplies can increase the risk of developing colon cancer risks by 38 %!

    Most dish washing supplies contain surface active substances. They help to clean off fat and keep our dishes shining and clean. However, few of us know that these toxic substances get stuck to the dish surface and stay there for good. They are really hard to wash off. If you do the manual dish washing, it takes up to 30 seconds of rinsing your dishes in hot water to get off most of the surface active substances.

    This means, you and your family daily consumes some amount of these toxic substances and increase your chances of developing colon cancer by one third!

  2. Chemical scents and aromas are toxic for your lungs and respiratory system

    We love it, when our homes smell nice, especially in such amenity facilities, as bathrooms and toilets. The easiest way to attain the desired effect is to use spray chemical scents. Most of these scents are toxic substances. The same is true about aromas, used in detergents or fabric softeners.

    Using these chemical scents you risk to develop such grave conditions, as asthma, various types of allergic reaction, respiratory organs’ irritation and inflammation, etc.

  3. Spray window cleaners are toxic substances and should be used with gas masks on

    The are one of the most dangerous household cleaners. Most of such windows cleaning sprays or furniture cleaners contain a number of toxic substances. For instance, most of them contain chemical scents, chemical coloring agents, spirits, ammonia, etc. When you spray them, these toxic substances go straight to your respiratory tract and even as deep as to your lungs. This can lead to various respiratory tract diseases, allergy, and asthma and eventually this may lead to cancer.

These 3 facts about toxic substances in your household cleaning supplies are alarming. Every time you clean your home and think, you provider safer living environment for your family and kids, you actually contaminate it with toxic substances and make it dangerous for dwelling. Take a look at the top 4 easy green and safe homemade cleaning products you can use to make your home a safer and cleaner place.

The winter is back in Ukraine: photos

Yesterday the winter returned with lots of snow. We did not have any snow for New Year, but we have plenty now.

the winter is back

My duchshund puppies are growing: update

The dachshund puppies in our home are growing. Today one of them has opened eyes.

duchshund puppiesThey are little fat and cute chums. That’s the girl pup and she opened her eyes today. The other dachshund pup is a boy and he is a bit behind his sister.