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Handmade hair clip ideas

I have two daughters, so naturally I love making all sorts of nice things for their hair.

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Лето ах лето

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I have already shared red poppy flower hair clip and wreath I made for them. I just love making different fabric flowers. Now I have embroidered this cute hair clip heart.

I used a stitch we call French knot. It is used in ribbon embroidery, as well as when you embroider with threads. You attain a special effect using this stitch. Your embroidery becomes sort of 3D. This handmade hair clip heart is very curly and nice to touch.

The rope jar

forma si culoare / shape and color

Borcan sfoara

I love jars! You can find them anywhere. Or, recycle the one already used. And you transform them in great candle holder with magic shadows on the walls and the mystery  inside each one jar.

_DSC0027 copy     _DSC0032 copy    _DSC0037 copy  _DSC0035 copyIMG_4661 copy   IMG_4666 copy  IMG_4675 copy   IMG_4674 copy2

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