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5 min craft and art project for kids: felt pen jewelry

This easy recycling or rather upcycling craft and art project for kids really takes only 5 fin to make. All you need is a piece of string or yarn and  old felt pens. You need to pick soft body pens for this bead project.

craft and art project

craft and art project

You just cut the coloring pens in pieces of any size you like.

craft and art project

coloring pen upcycling

It’s better to use the felt pens of different colors for your recycled jewelry for kids. Then you put them on a string. Done. It’s a very easy, but fun craft and art project for kids.

craft and art project

craft and art project

Both of my daughters love wearing this recycled jewelry made out of coloring pens.


Valentine day crafts: decorated glass bottle with hearts

This Valentine day craft is an easy decor project. It has taken me only 10 min to decorate the glass bottle.

Valentine day crafts

Valentine day crafts

Here is what you need for this Valentine day craft project:

– glass bottle

– Hot-melt adhesive

– Ribbon

– Silver or gold acrylic paint

– Glitter

Here is how I decorated this glass bottle for Valentine day. I have used hot-melt adhesive to draw hearts and LOVE letters on the bottle. I’ll take more picture of it and upload them later.

Then I used a painting brush to cover the bottle with silver acrylic paint. I used glitter to decorate it with pink sparks and tied a pink ribbon. You may use this bottle as a Valentine day decoration item. You may use it as a bottle for wine or other drinks on your table. Or you may use this Valentine day craft as your candle stick.




Easy recycled craft art project for kids

This is a quick and easy recycled craft art project for kids. You may find other similar crafting projects for kids on my blog, such as making modeling dough or cotton wool toys.

For this art project for kids I used old cans. This is a great recycling material for crafts. The craft project is about making a hello kitty pin out of a piece of aluminium can.

recycled craft art project for kids

recycled craft art project for kids

Here is the other side of this can hello kitty pin.

recycled craft art project for kids

recycled craft art project for kids

Here is how you make such easy can pin. You can out a piece of can. Print out a hello kitty head image. Then you need some tracing paper or a piece of baking paper. You need to copy your image to this baking paper. Then you put it over your can piece and use a hard pen to draw out kitty head onto the aluminium.

Remove the paper. You’d see a faint picture of the hello kitty on your can recycled craft material. Use your pen to make it more pronounced. Then cut out the pin. You may decorate it with sparks, glitter glue or anything else you want. If you make a hole in the pin, you can put it on a chain and make a hello kitty handmade pendent out of it. It’s an easy recycled craft art project for kids.



25 craft ideas for your inspiration – recycling carfting

25 great easy recycling crafts ideas for your inspiration

I have already posted about 3 reasons to do recycled crafts. Here I would like to offer your attention 25 easy craft ideas you can do using things you usually throw away.

Glass recycled crafts and deoupage ideas

1. Glass bottle decoupage

glass bottle decoupage tutorial

It is an easy way to turn a glass bottle into a decor item. Plus these decoupaged glass bottles are not ornaments. You can make them very practical. I use them to store vegetable oil. Once I buy a sunflower oil, I pour it from the plastic bottled into glass ones. It’s so much nicer to keep the oil in nice looking bottle. Plus, it it s healthy livign tip, too.

2. Glass plate decoupage

decoupage ideas: glass plate decoupage

decoupage ideas: glass plate decoupage

This is another great decoupage idea. If you have transparent plates, you can turn them easily into very fancy looking plates. You can use them to serve food, too.

3. Glass bottle lamp

glass bottle handmade lamp decoupage how to

It’s very affordable way to make a fancy lamp for your sleeping room.

5. Glass bottle torch lamp

glass bottle torch lamp

It’s a great way to recycle old glass bottled and to make useful things for your yard. These look great, when it gets dark.

6. Glass bottle decoupaged tree (decoupage plus crocheting)

glass bottle decoupage

I use this decoupaged bottle as a vase for crochet flower tree.

7. Glass bulb Christmas tree ornament

recycled craft christmas toy

recycled craft christmas toy

That is a great craft idea for kids.

8. Glass mug repurposing

handmade DIY bonsai tree

9. Glass bottle vase

Glass bottle decoupage how to

10. Glass plate decoupaged lamp

glass decoupage picture

Plastic recycled craft ideas

Plastic bottles make great recycling material for crafting. There are many things you can easily craft out of water bottles.

1. Plastic bottle flowers

recycling crafts plastic bottle flowers

recycling crafts plastic bottle flowers

It takes about half an hour to make such a nice blue bouquet of plastic flowers.

2. Plastic bottle crocheted bracelets

DIY bracelet how to

Your creativity is the only limit to what kind of bracelets and designs you can make out of plastic bottles, if you know little crocheting.

3. Plastic bottle decoupaged bracelets

water bottle handmade vase

Plastic is easy to decoupage. So, you may use any pretty patterns you want for making your bracelets.

4. Plastic bottle vase

plastic bottle flowers and vase decoupage

plastic bottle flowers and vase decoupage

5. Plastic bottle box

recycled crafts: water bottle box

6. Plastic bottle brooch

7. Plastic bottle flower craft project for kids

8. Plastic bottle basket

decoupage ideas: plastic bottle decoupage

decoupage ideas: plastic bottle decoupage

9. Plastic bottle recipe cover

how to reuse plastic bottles

10. Plastic bottle bag


Aluminum can recycled craft ideas

1. Aluminum can box

handmade Christmas gift box made out of aluminium cans

handmade Christmas gift box made out of aluminium cans

You may find tutorial for this one on my blog.

2. Aluminum can pin

3. Aluminum can flowers

4. Aluminum can ornaments

5. Aluminum can butterflies

Decoupage ideas: glass plate decoupage how to

It’s one of the decoupage ideas I wanted to do for a good while. I could not find a fitting glass plate for it though.

decoupage ideas: glass plate decoupage

decoupage ideas: glass plate decoupage

This plate is decoupaged in traditional Ukraine folk style. What you need for this decoupage project is to find a transparent glass plate. The trick is to decoupage the plate and still leave it usable.

This glass plate is decoupaged on the other side.

decoupage ideas: glass plate decoupage

decoupage ideas: glass plate decoupage

Here is how you do it. You clean and dry the plate well first. This gets is ready to be decoupaged. I used PVC glue, you may use mode podge or transparent furniture polish for your decoupage ideas.

Next, you cut out the napkin patterns and place them the best way onto the plate. You glue them the bright side down to the backward of the plate. This way, when you turn the plate around, you can see the pattern through the glass.

Let it dry well. Then you take a sponge and dip it into some colorful, golden, silver or other color acrylic paint. I used silver paint on the edges of the plate. Apply the paint with the gentle strokes of the sponge. Let it dry.

Now use white or any other color paint to cover the entire plate from the back end. Cover up the decoupaged fragments well, too. Let it dry. Finally, cover the back end with more polish to make it water proof. That’s it. It’s a pretty doable decoupage idea on glass, which gives you much space for your creativity.


More decoupage ideas: decoupage on plastic bottle – making a plastic bottle vase

I find it no harder to decoupage on plastic, then it is to decoupage on glass or wood. Here is a nice decoupage idea for you: making a plastic bottle vase:

decoupage ideas: plastic bottle decoupage

decoupage ideas: plastic bottle decoupage

This is a milk plastic bottle. It’s made out of transparent plastic. You can go ahead and decoupage right on it. But in my experience transparent, green or brown plastic bottles do not turn out well that way. So, first you have to paint the part of the bottle or the entire plastic bottle you wish to decoupage.

I used white paint for this decoupage idea and painted only a middle part of the plastic bottle.

decoupage ideas: plastic bottle decoupage

decoupage ideas: plastic bottle decoupage

Then when the paint has dried up I decoupaged it over with spring flower napkin. I used glue for this project. Sometimes I use transparent furniture polish.

I pricked holes on the top part of the plastic bottle vase. Then I crochet it over with green yarn.

decoupage ideas: plastic bottle decoupage

decoupage ideas: plastic bottle decoupage

Then I glued the silver ribbon using thermal glue. I have put some of the colored salt inside the vase, as I am planning to use it in my bathroom to store brushes in.


decoupage ideas: plastic bottle decoupage

decoupage ideas: plastic bottle decoupage

As the plastic bottle vase is very light, it easily turn over. The salt makes it look even nicer and makes it stand firm. That’s an easy to do DIY decoupage idea and a good idea for recycling crafting.

Retro Decoupaged Phone Project

Chloe Dyer Designs

This is one of my very favourite things that I have upcycled. I wanted a retro phone that still worked but also wanted it to fit in with my pink, purple and lime living room. I got this for a bargain online and already had the decoupage paper so the whole project cost about £25.

The phone cost £19 delivered and arrived absolutely filthy!


I took it apart and washed the bakelite plastic in washing up liquid then gave it a wipe over with Flash liquid.



I then chose the papers that would compliment each other and decoupaged the plastic parts before putting the phone back together.


I then used Swarovski crystals as an embellishment and it was finished!



The phone sounds amazing when it rings and every time I use it it makes me smile 🙂


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Recycling craft ideas: ornaments you can make from old CDs and plastic bottles

This is one of the easy recycling craft projects. It’s a wall ornament made out of used CD and plastic bottle.

recycled craft CD ornament

recycled craft CD ornament

The flowers and the butterfly on the CD are made out of water bottle plastic. You need to print out or draw a paper pattern and then copy it to the water bottle plastic. Then you cut out the  flowers and the butterfly.

I used a piece of old baby sweater for the butterfly. I just cut out the same pattern and glued it to the plastic butterfly. It’s a very easy five min recycled craft. You can make several of such plastic bottle butterflies in have an hour for various decorating purposes.


recycled craft CD ornament

recycled craft CD ornament

As to the plastic bottle flower part of this recycling craft, I cut them out of plastic, then I held them over a burning candle to bend them. When they cooled off, I colored the plastic with nail glue. I assembled the plastic bottle flowers on a transparent thread.

The CD part is very easy, too. I have crocheted it over with organic fiber. Then I used blue yarn to crochet over the CD edges. Then I put the whole thing together. It’s an easy and affordable way to decorate your house and to recycle or upcycle old things, such as CDs or plastic bottles.