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Recycled water bottle crafts: recipe frames

This is an easy but very useful recycled water bottle craft. I have a special notebook, where I glue down or write down my recipes. But some recipes I use lots of times during a month. It’s so easy to spill things over a recipe you use often and pages get torn or spotted.

So, I’ve come up with this crocheted over water bottle recipe frame:

plastic bottle crafts

plastic bottle crafts

Here is a quick tutorial:

You should use transparent plastic bottles, if you want two sided recipe frames made out of them. I just cut out two pieces of plastic out of a water bottle for each recipe frame. Then I make holes on the edges. You may use a pricker or hot nail for this purpose. Then I used recycled yarn to crochet the frames on three sides. One side you leave to insert the recipe through.

plastic bottle crafts

plastic bottle crafts

I have made three crochets into each hole, while crocheting the frame over. Then I crocheted a loop to hang those recycled water bottle  frames by. I have printed out my recipes on both sides of paper and inserted them into the frames. This way, you get your recipes at hand at all times and they are protected from dirt or water. I have used hot glue to put on decorating items onto my plastic bottle recipe frames.

This is a great way to go green, to organize your kitchen stuff and to craft something very useful. You can make a dozen or so of these recycled recipe frames. They look real cute at the kitchen.

Handmade vase: watter bottle craft plus crocheting

I have long thought about making a handmade vase. My recent interest in water bottle crafts has helped me to manage the task.

water bottle handmade vase

Here is what I used for this water bottle handmade  vase project:

– a water bottle

– old crocheted baby dress

– Some blue yarn and crocheting hook

– handmade medallion I’ve made from a plastic bottle

Here is the step by step process of making this water bottle handmade vase:

water bottle handmade vase

I cut off the top part of the water bottle. Then I measured the baby dress against the bottle size and cut the piece out. Since the material is crocheted, the dress can be easily pricked with the crocheting hook.

I crocheted over the side edge of the material. I got a tube made out of it. Then I pulled in onto the water bottle. I pricked the holes with the pricker on the top edge of the water bottle to crochet the material to it.

water bottle handmade vase

Finally, I have attached the medallion and crocheted the chain handle for the vase. I have also crocheted together the bottom part of the material beneath the vase.

water bottle handmade vase

Presently I’ve decided to use this water bottle handmade vase to store my spices in. But it can be also used as a vase, it can hold the water in.

Easy water bottle crafts: DIY plastic bottle basket

Water bottle crafts are great because they are easy, cheap and green. You upcycle things and give them new decorating your house or making handmade jewelry.

Here is another one of my ater bottle crafts: plastic bottle basket:

water bottle craft

It’s a nice little thing you can make with your kids. Here is what you need for this water bottle craft project:

– Water bottle

– Scissors

– Pricker

– Yarn and crocheting hook

– Glue

– Nail polish or other decoration items

Here is what you do:

1. Cut the water bottle. I cut off the bottom and then the middle part ringand a slice of plastic for the handle.

2. Prick the holes in the bottom top edge, on both edges of the middle part ring and in the middle of the handle slip.

3. Crochet all parts of your bottle around separately. You get three pieces crocheted on the edges.

4. Crochet together the bottom and middle parts and attach the handle.

water bottle basket

5. I have made dots with the nail polish on the bottom parts and glues flowers onto the middle part of the water bottle basket. You may decorate your water bottle projet in any way you wish to.

water bottle crafts

The good thing about water bottle crafts is that  your imagination and creativity is your only limit there.