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Handmade vintage frame tutorial

It seems like I have not been posting for eternity. Here is one of my crafting projects: it is a handmade vintage frame. And it is a quick tutorial.

vintage frame tutorial

vintage frame tutorial

This was a cheap one dollar store wooden picture frame.


I have some vintage white and orange material and I torn it into straps and wrapped the frame with them. I used hot glue gun to attach the fabric straps to the frame.

I have also found a vintage photo album. It was 50+ year old. So, I used a piece of its paper for the back of the frame. Then I found some old and vintage photos in my family album. I have used three of vintage pictures for this vintage frame.

The top photo contains white birds on it. The lower one depicts my uncle in his youth and the lower photo has my mother’s friend with an old camera in her hand. So, it’s a love story. Two birds in love, a man and a woman fond of him and taking a picture of her loved one.

I glued the old photos onto the frame and made few rolled fabric flowers to decorate my vintage handmade photo frame.

More upcycling and decoupage ideas

I love to repurpose things and decoupage provides me with the easy way of doing so. In this post you’ll see two decoupage ideas: decoupage on trays and recycled tile.

plastic tray decoupage

plastic tray decoupage

I got two plastic and ugly green color trays at the flea market just for 50 cents. But they are perfect for decoupage. This one I have decoupaged with sunflowers. I can use it for serving food or carrying plates, but I love it on the shelf, too.

Here is the other decoupage idea on a tray, so to say:

plastic tray decoupage

plastic tray decoupage

It’s the same type of tray as the first one and I decoupaged it as a spring gift for one lady. It’s a sort of shabby chic style in decouapge. It’s a pity I did not have the crackle polish for it though.

So, here is a quick tray decoupage tutorial:

The difficulty with these trays is that the plastic is “slipery” so to say and the paint easily falls off of it. You may rub it with the sand paper first. I repainted the trays in white using acrylic paint.

Then I decoupaged them and covered with transparent polish. The rose tray, I did not like to leave it just white, so I dippied a napkin in some coffee and rubbed in onto the tray to make it look a bit old and shabby.

Finally, here is the recycled and decoupaged tile:

decoupaged and recycled tile

decoupaged and recycled tile

It’s a small and old tile about 2 by 4 inches. It was a white tile, so I did not paint it and just decoupaged it with the napkin. Then I covered it with two types of polish: the transparent and pearl ones.

Few weeks ago I bought this organic rope in the store. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. I have already used it in many crafts. But I love this one. I just used hot glue gun to glue the rope around the tile and make a handle over it.

So, now I can hang it on the wall as a small picture, or I can glue a recipe onto it or use it as a picture frame. I have made 3 of such tiles and gave two of them away putting on the printed Bible verses. They do make nice little and very inexpensive gifts.

It’s a nice way to go green with these decoupage ideas. I  hope you enjoy them, pin them and share them on Facebook or Twitter.