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Valentine day crafts: decorated glass bottle with hearts

This Valentine day craft is an easy decor project. It has taken me only 10 min to decorate the glass bottle.

Valentine day crafts

Valentine day crafts

Here is what you need for this Valentine day craft project:

– glass bottle

– Hot-melt adhesive

– Ribbon

– Silver or gold acrylic paint

– Glitter

Here is how I decorated this glass bottle for Valentine day. I have used hot-melt adhesive to draw hearts and LOVE letters on the bottle. I’ll take more picture of it and upload them later.

Then I used a painting brush to cover the bottle with silver acrylic paint. I used glitter to decorate it with pink sparks and tied a pink ribbon. You may use this bottle as a Valentine day decoration item. You may use it as a bottle for wine or other drinks on your table. Or you may use this Valentine day craft as your candle stick.