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Decoupage on wood: old shoe trees into the wall art!

It’s been a while sinse I posted here. But I am back for a short post. For over 3 years I have been doing decoupage on wood and other surfaces and I still love it. I shopped on a flea market and found these:


old shoe trees

I got them both for a dollar and decided to turn into the wall art using decoupage and decor.

Here is what I got:


I painted them all over with white paint and then decoupaged. Covered with polsh and added few details and ornament, quite a few actually!

I also coupled them by an old peg (also decoupaged and decorated). Now I will use these on the wall above my shoe shelves.


They have undegone a complete transformation. Lovely pair of shabby chic decor items. The power of decoupage! It lets you give new life to old things and upcycle.

Recycling: shabby chic can bucket

I really love this cute craft supply shabby chic can bucket. It’s a sort of basket for storing scissors and other crafting tools and supplies. But it has a handle and it looks like a tiny bucket.

shabby chic can2

The can is upcycled by being decoupaged with cute pink crocheted fabric. Plus I used organic rope to make a handle and the bottom of the can.

shabby chic can5

As you may see, the bottom of the shabby chic can bucket is decorated with the coiled rope.

shabby chic can4

The shabby chic can bucket is decorated with vintage book page flowers and with wooden beads and rolled fabric flowers.

You may order this bucket or one in a different design from me in by Etsy RECYCLEDCRAFTING store.


Plastic bottle crafts and fabric flower jewelry

Plastic bottles seem to be everywhere. And it is a great idea to recycle or upcycle them into useful items instead of throwing them away. Another advantage of plastic bottle crafts is their affordability. Still, you can create awesome designs using plastic bottles. Check out my plastic bottle baskets for instance.

But here we’ll take a look at creating jewelry using plastic bottles and pieces of fabric.

plastic bottle crafts

plastic bottle crafts

This is a set of handmade jewelry in blue: a plastic bottle crocheted over bracelet adorn with rolled fabric roses and a brooch.

Here is a quick DIY tutorial for the plastic bottle bracelet. Cut out a slice of plastic bottle. Prick or melt holes on the edges of it. Then crochet it over with yarn. Done. It’s that easy. You can use color plastic bottle instead of transparent one. White plastic bottles can be easily decoupaged with napkins to make them look even better.

fabric flower jewelry

fabric flower jewelry

Now you can decorate your plastic bottle craft with flowers and lace. I used blue fabric to rolled these roses of and glued them to the plastic bottle bracelet.

fabric flower broch

fabric flower brooch

Now comes the blue brooch. It’s very easy to make. You cut out a paper circle pattern of the size you like. Then you cut out at least four fabric circles, fold them in four and glue them with hot glue gun or stitch them to the base. Then you may use beads, lace or ribbons to decorate your flower brooch. Glue the pin at the back side and it’s done.


Check out my boards on Pinterest for more inspirations. I have a whole board of DIY fabric flower tutorials there.

Easter fabric crocheted basket

This is a very cute and sweet looking Easter fabric crocheted basket. Easter egg basket is not the only use for it. You can store your candies, fruit or other things in it. You can use it to store your jewelry or crafting supplies. Or, you could go shopping with it.

Easter fabric crocheted basket

Easter fabric crocheted basket

The size of this Easter fabric crocheted basket is 6 by 10 inches. It is totally go green project. I have used an old curtain and a piece of old brown flower pattern fabric to make the yarn for the rug basket. I have also used an old bag handle to upcycle it and make the basket handle.

Easter fabric crocheted basket

Easter fabric crocheted basket

The Easter fabric crocheted basket is decorated with rolled fabric handmade flowers and with one crocheted bead.

Easter fabric crocheted basket

Easter fabric crocheted basket

The basket handle is decorated with a handmade bow and a rolled flower.

Easter fabric crocheted basket

Easter fabric crocheted basket

This basket is handmade and very cute. I really enjoyed making this Easter fabric crocheted basket and it is a great gift for ladies. Check out my Pinterest board for more crafting inspiration and my ETSY shop.




Glass bottle upcycling idea: glass bottle torch lamp

Here is another great glass bottle upcycling idea, besides glass bottle decoupage. It’s a glass bottle torch lamp.

glass bottle torch lamp

It is pretty easy to make and it gives your backyard an authentic and very distinctive look. These glass bottle torch lamps are very useful, too. They give enough light during the night and save you electricity.

To make one or a couple of them you need to find suitable glass bottles. This one is from an energy drink. To make the torch out of it, you pour some vegetable oil in. Then you take a wine bottle cork and drill a hole it in. You make a wick. You may use a piece of rope for this purpose. You let the rope go thru the hole in the cork and down into the bottle.


Once it touches the oil, it gets saturated with it and the oil ‘comes up’ through the wick. You may also make a hold for the torch lamp. My husband used an old  clamp to hold the bottle. He just painted it with some bronze paint. That’s it. Your upcycled glass bottle torch lamp is ready.