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Upcycling for crocheting: upcycling old yarn

In my country upcycling for crocheting is cost effective. The new yarn is expensive here. So, here is what I do:

upcycling for crocheting

I find old crocheted things, such as sweaters and uncrochet them. Sometimes I go to a secondhand shop and find the right kind of crocheted old sweater there for my crocheting projects. It is easy, cost effective and eco friendly.

Decoupage plus crocheting = upcycled picture and frame

As I have found out, upcycling is a fascinating thing. I have upcycled and decoupaged several glass bottles and even made couple of handmade lamps. Now I have used an old tile and a piece of card board to make a frame and a picture for my kitchen.

decoupage and crocheting upcycling

Here is my decoupage how to for it.

I had an old ceramic tile to start with.

decoupage and crocheting upcycling

I painted it using acrylic paint and a dish washing sponge. I let it dry. I had an old book with a pretty picture in it. So, I decoupaged the tile, used glue and transparent polish. Then, I applied some green acrylic paint to the edges of the tile around the picture. That was the decoupage part of upcycling.

Now, I have made a frame for the tile. I used a piece of card board and some old think yarn.

decoupage and crocheting upcycling

I just crocheted it over with the yarn. I have still one thing left. I have to make the card board back for the frame to insert the tile into it and I have to crochet the rope for the frame. You have already seen how this crocheting plus decoupage how to resulted in a nice picture.