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Plastic bottle crafts and fabric flower jewelry

Plastic bottles seem to be everywhere. And it is a great idea to recycle or upcycle them into useful items instead of throwing them away. Another advantage of plastic bottle crafts is their affordability. Still, you can create awesome designs using plastic bottles. Check out my plastic bottle baskets for instance.

But here we’ll take a look at creating jewelry using plastic bottles and pieces of fabric.

plastic bottle crafts

plastic bottle crafts

This is a set of handmade jewelry in blue: a plastic bottle crocheted over bracelet adorn with rolled fabric roses and a brooch.

Here is a quick DIY tutorial for the plastic bottle bracelet. Cut out a slice of plastic bottle. Prick or melt holes on the edges of it. Then crochet it over with yarn. Done. It’s that easy. You can use color plastic bottle instead of transparent one. White plastic bottles can be easily decoupaged with napkins to make them look even better.

fabric flower jewelry

fabric flower jewelry

Now you can decorate your plastic bottle craft with flowers and lace. I used blue fabric to rolled these roses of and glued them to the plastic bottle bracelet.

fabric flower broch

fabric flower brooch

Now comes the blue brooch. It’s very easy to make. You cut out a paper circle pattern of the size you like. Then you cut out at least four fabric circles, fold them in four and glue them with hot glue gun or stitch them to the base. Then you may use beads, lace or ribbons to decorate your flower brooch. Glue the pin at the back side and it’s done.


Check out my boards on Pinterest for more inspirations. I have a whole board of DIY fabric flower tutorials there.

Decoupage ideas: pretty handmade spring gifts for women

Here are few pretty spring gifts I made for the March 8 day. These are cute little handmade gifts for women and I used decoupage technique or paper to craft them.

Decoupage ideas: foam heart

Decoupage ideas: foam heart

This is a small foam heart on a stick. It is a foam plastic heart decoupaged and it has a candy attached to the stem.

glass bottle decoupage ideas

glass bottle decoupage ideas

This is another glass bottle decoupage idea. This bottle is not only decoupaged with pink wild roses, but I also used some yarn and beads to decorate it. I have also made two tiny rolled ribbon roses for it.

Decoupaged pan vintage photo frame

Decoupaged pan vintage photo frame

This set you may find in my Etsy store recycledcrafting. It’s a small vintage Soviet pan decoupaged with roses and adorned with old lace. It can be used as a wall decor item or as a photo frame. It is coupled by decoupaged and upcycled coffee can.

decoupage ideas: pin cushion

decoupage ideas: pin cushion

This is an orange foam plastic pin cushion decoupaged with napkin. I like the foam cushions more than I like fabric ones. It’s easier to stick the pins into it and they get better secured there. If you drop such a pin cushion, only few pins if any would fall out of it. It’s really easy to make, too. And it makes a great handmade gift.

I hope you enjoyed by decoupaged ideas and spring projects. You are welcome to leave a comment.

Recycled plastic bottle craft: usable craft supply box or jewelry plastic bottle box

This is a fancy project made out of recycled plastic bottles. You may make something like this for a Valentine day gift.

plastic bottle crafts: basket

plastic bottle crafts: basket

This basket is made out of recycled water bottles. The wall and the bottom consist of two layers of plastic The outer one is transparent and the inner one is white.

In between the two layers of plastic of this Valentine day gift plastic bottle basket there is napkin rosebud decoupage. All the parts are crocheted together with recycled gray yarn I bought at the flea market.

The diameter of the plastic bottle basket is 2 inches. It makes a great homemade jewelry box or you may store your scented grass there to odorize the house.

You may find this recycled craft basket on my recycledcrafting Etsy shop.

My etsy crafts

My etsy crafts

3 reasons to learn recycled crafts



recycling crafts plastic bottle flowers

recycling crafts plastic bottle flowers

From trash to beauty

I will not name the obvious reason for learning recycled crafts. It’s being eco friendly. There are some other great reasons to learn this type of crafting. Take a look at three of them here.


1. Recycled crafts offer you wide diversity of choice

There is almost limitless number of things you can craft learning recycled crafts. You can upcycle or recycle almost anything. At this most of the materials for recycling or upcycling are easy to work with. You may use anything from used coffee filters to plastic water bottles or aluminum cans or broken tiles for you craft projects. So, the choice of material and of the things you make crafting is limited only by your imagination.


Plus, you learn different crafting techniques, mastering recycled crafts. I have learned crocheting, decoupage on glass and plastic, paper-mache or working with cotton wool for my recycling projects.

2. Recycled crafts are easy to learn

Most of the recycling craft projects are easy to do. You can learn them quickly and finish them up in a matter of minutes or hours. For instance, you may make a plastic bottle crochet bracelet in less than 10 min. Or, you may make a cute little plastic bottle basket in just half an hour. You may do recycled crafts with your kids, teaching them to live green and to have and craft.


3. Recycled crafts are cheap

In most cases crafting takes some money. You need to buy the materials for your crafting projects. It’s not a problem with recycled crafts. For instance, I use old yarn for my projects. I recycle old sweaters or scarfs and use that yarn. In most cases, you may get glass bottles for decoupage, water bottles, cans, or cardboard for free. And, there is another advantage to consider. When you learn to craft, you get some chances of spoiling your first projects. With recycled crafts it’s not a big deal, as the materials are either cheap or free. And your material supplies can be easily refilled.


Hopefully, these reasons to learn recycled crafts are good enough for you to try them. Check out some of the ideas and how tos for recycled crafts on my blog.


Recycling crafts: how to make plastic bottle flowers and vase decoupage

This recycling craft project involved both decoupaging and making flowers out of plastic bottles.

recycling crafts plastic bottle flowers

recycling crafts plastic bottle flowers

I have already made one of such flowers for many handmade box. Here is a list of things you need for this recycling craft how to plastic bottle project:

– Blue and white plastic bottles

– small plastic bottle for the vase

– Mode podge or transparent polish

– Decoupage napkins

– A candle

– A needle

You decoupage the plastic bottle the same way you decoupage the glass bottle. So, I’ll share the step by step how to only for the plastic bottle flowers.

1. Cut the sheet of plastic out of your blue plastic bottle

2. Cut out a paper pattern of the flower and draw it on the plastic. Cut out the plastic flower. You get a flat looking flower there.

3. Light up the candle. Heat up the needle and prick a hole in the middle of your flat flower.

4. Hold the flower by the needle and put it high up over the lighted candle. The heat would bend the plastic and make it look like a real flower. This is the hardest part of your recycled crafts project. You have to figure out the right distance to the candle to bend the plastic, but to prevent it from curling up or burning.

5. Cut out a piece of white plastic out of the white water bottle. It has to around half inch by hold inch in size. Cut one side in thin slices. The other edge should stay whole. Now roll up the plastic and hold it over the candle. This is how you get the heart of your flower.

6. Heat up a knitting needle over a candle and make a bigger hole in the flower to stick the heart through it. That’s it your plastic bottle flower is ready.

This is a pretty easy recycling craft project out of plastic bottle, but you can make amazing things from it.

plastic bottle flowers and vase decoupage

plastic bottle flowers and vase decoupage

plastic bottle flowers and vase decoupage

plastic bottle flowers and vase decoupage

I have made the decoupaged vase out of juice plastic bottle. You may also use nail polish to decorate the plastic bottle flower and its heart.


Easy handmade Christmas gifts: DIY bulb Christmas tree decoration gifts for kids

easy christmas gift recycled snowman

easy christmas gift recycled snowman

It’s one of the easy recycled crafts for kids. This handmade christmas gift you may easily make with your child. They are very cheap, so you may make a bunch and use them as favors for some party.

bulb snowman

bulb snowman

recycled craft christmas toy

recycled craft christmas toy

Now, guess what these recycled Christmas toys are made of. Yes, they are made out of old bulbs. And they are very easy to make. Here is what you need for making your easy handmade Christmas gifts:

– a bulb

– glue

– napkins

– color cardboard

– yarn

– some cotton wool

– any decor items or glitter

Here is your easy handmade Christmas gifts how to for bulb upcycling:

Most napkin consist of several thin layers. You need to peel them up and use only one thin white layer. You rumple it and glue it to the bulb. Let it dry well. Meanwhile you can make a hat for your Christmas toy. Use stapler or glue to make the cardboard hold together. Then glue some cotton wool or decorations to it.

Once the Christmas toy dries up, you should put the hat on and glue some cotton wool or color napkin to make a coat. You may make the hard out of yarn. You may also use paint to color it once it dries up. Your imagination is your only limit. These things turn out real cute. My child has already started to give them out to her friends and they love these recycled craft Christmas toys.

Christmas theme glass bottle decoupage project

Christmas is not far away and I got some nice blue Christmas theme napkins to decoupage some of the Christmas gifts. This is another one of my glass bottle decoupages.

Christmas theme glass bottle decoupage

I will not be share the decoupage how to here, as you may find it on my other posts. I’ll tell you how to make the snow effect on your glass bottle decoupage.

Christmas theme glass bottle decoupage

You may see something that looks like snow on this Christmas gift decoupaged glass bottle. Here is how I make it.

After I finish up the decoupaging process and cover up the bottle with polish, I let it dry. Then I apply PVC glue to the spots, where I want the snow effect. Then I put some salt on it and let it dry. It’s that simple. Once it dries up well, I remove  extra salt. It looks great and it’s easy indeed. This is a great way to use recycled craft to make some Christmas gifts. Glass bottle decoupage is easy, but it makes wonders with ordinary things.


Recycled carft project: diy box, flowers and other things you can make out of plastic bottles

Recently I have discovered a new material for my recycled craft projects. Recycled art and crafting is a great way to upcycle water bottles. You can make amazing handmade flowers from this material.

recycled crafts: water bottle flowerIt takes about 5 min to make this blue flower, the stem and the leafs. All of it is made out of water bottles.

recycled crafts: water bottle flowerThis while flower is also a part of my recycle craft box project and it is made out of plastic bottles.

recycled crafts: water bottle boxThis was my main recycle craft project of the week. It’s a jewelry box made out of plastic bottles.

recycled crafts: water bottle boxIt’s my first try in making something like this. Here is a quick step by step how to for this plastic bottle DIY box:

1. Cut plastic bottles to make sheets of plastic

2. Make a paper pattern of the box

3. Cut out the plastic (you should fold two sheets of it together. Each side of the box is made out of two sheets of plastic)

4. Make holes on the edges with a pricker

5. Crochet each of the sides over with yarn using crocheting hook.

recycled crafts: water bottle box

6. Stitch the box together with the hook and yarn.

7. Decorate it.

I have to admit, my first box turned out to be a little crooked. That’s because I did not make a paper pattern for it and cut the pieces unevenly. But still I really like it. It’s a nice recycled craft project to start with.