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Victorian style wall art

Here is my new upcycling project. It is a Victorian style wall art piece.

Victorian style wall art

Victorian style wall art

shoe wall art

shoe wall art

It’s Victorian style shoe image printed out on a piece of fabric. It is a totally go green project. I have used old shirt fabric to print the shoe on.

Here is what I used for the frame

shoe wall art

shoe wall art

It’s a lid of the plastic paint can I used for a planter.

I have decoupaged the lid with old book pages. Then I used hot glue gun to cover the edges with fabric and vintage lace. And I glued the fabric shoe image onto it. Then I made rolled fabric flowers and leather and chain buckle for the wall art shoe.

This was I sort of made a 3D wall art image printed on fabric. It looks really lovely on the wall. Check out my facebook page to find more crafting inspiration.

Christmas theme glass bottle decoupage project

Christmas is not far away and I got some nice blue Christmas theme napkins to decoupage some of the Christmas gifts. This is another one of my glass bottle decoupages.

Christmas theme glass bottle decoupage

I will not be share the decoupage how to here, as you may find it on my other posts. I’ll tell you how to make the snow effect on your glass bottle decoupage.

Christmas theme glass bottle decoupage

You may see something that looks like snow on this Christmas gift decoupaged glass bottle. Here is how I make it.

After I finish up the decoupaging process and cover up the bottle with polish, I let it dry. Then I apply PVC glue to the spots, where I want the snow effect. Then I put some salt on it and let it dry. It’s that simple. Once it dries up well, I remove  extra salt. It looks great and it’s easy indeed. This is a great way to use recycled craft to make some Christmas gifts. Glass bottle decoupage is easy, but it makes wonders with ordinary things.


Recycled carft project: diy box, flowers and other things you can make out of plastic bottles

Recently I have discovered a new material for my recycled craft projects. Recycled art and crafting is a great way to upcycle water bottles. You can make amazing handmade flowers from this material.

recycled crafts: water bottle flowerIt takes about 5 min to make this blue flower, the stem and the leafs. All of it is made out of water bottles.

recycled crafts: water bottle flowerThis while flower is also a part of my recycle craft box project and it is made out of plastic bottles.

recycled crafts: water bottle boxThis was my main recycle craft project of the week. It’s a jewelry box made out of plastic bottles.

recycled crafts: water bottle boxIt’s my first try in making something like this. Here is a quick step by step how to for this plastic bottle DIY box:

1. Cut plastic bottles to make sheets of plastic

2. Make a paper pattern of the box

3. Cut out the plastic (you should fold two sheets of it together. Each side of the box is made out of two sheets of plastic)

4. Make holes on the edges with a pricker

5. Crochet each of the sides over with yarn using crocheting hook.

recycled crafts: water bottle box

6. Stitch the box together with the hook and yarn.

7. Decorate it.

I have to admit, my first box turned out to be a little crooked. That’s because I did not make a paper pattern for it and cut the pieces unevenly. But still I really like it. It’s a nice recycled craft project to start with.