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Decoupage how to: 10 min decor for an old cracked plate

Plate decoupageDecoupage how to: Plate decoupage tips

The problem with me is that I am not good at taking pictures. These things do look different in real life.

I had an old and cracked plate, a nice flower napkin, some glue and some foil. I used PVA adhesive glue for this plate.

Here is my decoupage how to:

First I cleaned the plate well and tried to remove all the oil from it. You may use spirit to do that.

Then I sort of crumpled the foil, tore it to pieces and started to glue them one by one to the outer circle of the plate.

Then I cut out the flower pattern out of napkin and glued it to the middle of the plate and partially over the foil parts. I also glued several bids just to make it look nicer.

Plate decoupage tipsIt took me about 10 min to decorate that plate with the decoupage technique, I used.

Operation “resque my home”, home tips

I have to be honest, house cleaning used to be one of my nightmares. It took up all my time, lots of work and very little satisfaction. That was the case untill I found this: http://flylady.net/

Flylady was the answer to my prayer. I still cannot believe how well it works for me! I have not turned into a model housewife yet. But, my house is not a chaos anymore. At least the biggest part of it. I am planning to share some of my personal experience and tips that really work and make our life better when it goes about house cleaning.