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More upcycling and decoupage ideas

I love to repurpose things and decoupage provides me with the easy way of doing so. In this post you’ll see two decoupage ideas: decoupage on trays and recycled tile.

plastic tray decoupage

plastic tray decoupage

I got two plastic and ugly green color trays at the flea market just for 50 cents. But they are perfect for decoupage. This one I have decoupaged with sunflowers. I can use it for serving food or carrying plates, but I love it on the shelf, too.

Here is the other decoupage idea on a tray, so to say:

plastic tray decoupage

plastic tray decoupage

It’s the same type of tray as the first one and I decoupaged it as a spring gift for one lady. It’s a sort of shabby chic style in decouapge. It’s a pity I did not have the crackle polish for it though.

So, here is a quick tray decoupage tutorial:

The difficulty with these trays is that the plastic is “slipery” so to say and the paint easily falls off of it. You may rub it with the sand paper first. I repainted the trays in white using acrylic paint.

Then I decoupaged them and covered with transparent polish. The rose tray, I did not like to leave it just white, so I dippied a napkin in some coffee and rubbed in onto the tray to make it look a bit old and shabby.

Finally, here is the recycled and decoupaged tile:

decoupaged and recycled tile

decoupaged and recycled tile

It’s a small and old tile about 2 by 4 inches. It was a white tile, so I did not paint it and just decoupaged it with the napkin. Then I covered it with two types of polish: the transparent and pearl ones.

Few weeks ago I bought this organic rope in the store. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. I have already used it in many crafts. But I love this one. I just used hot glue gun to glue the rope around the tile and make a handle over it.

So, now I can hang it on the wall as a small picture, or I can glue a recipe onto it or use it as a picture frame. I have made 3 of such tiles and gave two of them away putting on the printed Bible verses. They do make nice little and very inexpensive gifts.

It’s a nice way to go green with these decoupage ideas. I  hope you enjoy them, pin them and share them on Facebook or Twitter.


Recycled plastic bottle craft: usable craft supply box or jewelry plastic bottle box

This is a fancy project made out of recycled plastic bottles. You may make something like this for a Valentine day gift.

plastic bottle crafts: basket

plastic bottle crafts: basket

This basket is made out of recycled water bottles. The wall and the bottom consist of two layers of plastic The outer one is transparent and the inner one is white.

In between the two layers of plastic of this Valentine day gift plastic bottle basket there is napkin rosebud decoupage. All the parts are crocheted together with recycled gray yarn I bought at the flea market.

The diameter of the plastic bottle basket is 2 inches. It makes a great homemade jewelry box or you may store your scented grass there to odorize the house.

You may find this recycled craft basket on my recycledcrafting Etsy shop.

My etsy crafts

My etsy crafts

25 craft ideas for your inspiration – recycling carfting

25 great easy recycling crafts ideas for your inspiration

I have already posted about 3 reasons to do recycled crafts. Here I would like to offer your attention 25 easy craft ideas you can do using things you usually throw away.

Glass recycled crafts and deoupage ideas

1. Glass bottle decoupage

glass bottle decoupage tutorial

It is an easy way to turn a glass bottle into a decor item. Plus these decoupaged glass bottles are not ornaments. You can make them very practical. I use them to store vegetable oil. Once I buy a sunflower oil, I pour it from the plastic bottled into glass ones. It’s so much nicer to keep the oil in nice looking bottle. Plus, it it s healthy livign tip, too.

2. Glass plate decoupage

decoupage ideas: glass plate decoupage

decoupage ideas: glass plate decoupage

This is another great decoupage idea. If you have transparent plates, you can turn them easily into very fancy looking plates. You can use them to serve food, too.

3. Glass bottle lamp

glass bottle handmade lamp decoupage how to

It’s very affordable way to make a fancy lamp for your sleeping room.

5. Glass bottle torch lamp

glass bottle torch lamp

It’s a great way to recycle old glass bottled and to make useful things for your yard. These look great, when it gets dark.

6. Glass bottle decoupaged tree (decoupage plus crocheting)

glass bottle decoupage

I use this decoupaged bottle as a vase for crochet flower tree.

7. Glass bulb Christmas tree ornament

recycled craft christmas toy

recycled craft christmas toy

That is a great craft idea for kids.

8. Glass mug repurposing

handmade DIY bonsai tree

9. Glass bottle vase

Glass bottle decoupage how to

10. Glass plate decoupaged lamp

glass decoupage picture

Plastic recycled craft ideas

Plastic bottles make great recycling material for crafting. There are many things you can easily craft out of water bottles.

1. Plastic bottle flowers

recycling crafts plastic bottle flowers

recycling crafts plastic bottle flowers

It takes about half an hour to make such a nice blue bouquet of plastic flowers.

2. Plastic bottle crocheted bracelets

DIY bracelet how to

Your creativity is the only limit to what kind of bracelets and designs you can make out of plastic bottles, if you know little crocheting.

3. Plastic bottle decoupaged bracelets

water bottle handmade vase

Plastic is easy to decoupage. So, you may use any pretty patterns you want for making your bracelets.

4. Plastic bottle vase

plastic bottle flowers and vase decoupage

plastic bottle flowers and vase decoupage

5. Plastic bottle box

recycled crafts: water bottle box

6. Plastic bottle brooch

7. Plastic bottle flower craft project for kids

8. Plastic bottle basket

decoupage ideas: plastic bottle decoupage

decoupage ideas: plastic bottle decoupage

9. Plastic bottle recipe cover

how to reuse plastic bottles

10. Plastic bottle bag


Aluminum can recycled craft ideas

1. Aluminum can box

handmade Christmas gift box made out of aluminium cans

handmade Christmas gift box made out of aluminium cans

You may find tutorial for this one on my blog.

2. Aluminum can pin

3. Aluminum can flowers

4. Aluminum can ornaments

5. Aluminum can butterflies

Paper mache projects: my first handmade doll box

I found this interesting idea for paper mache projects on Youtube. I just fell in love with the handmade paper mache doll box. I have two daughters, so I’ve got many old dolls at home.

paper mache projects: doll box

paper mache projects: doll box

Here is what I used for this paper mache project:

Old plastic doll (top part)

Newspapers and handmade glue (corn glue)

Decoupage glue and napkins

Old scarf and some ribbon

paper mache projects: doll box

paper mache projects: doll box

I have to admit that it took a while for the paper mache skirt to dry up. I decoupaged it with rose napkins.

paper mache projects: doll box

paper mache projects: doll box

I glued the fabric onto the decoupaged surfaces using rubber glue. This paper mache project was not easy to do, but it’s a first paper mache project for me. I love the result.



Another glass bottle decoupage project

The best thing about decoupage is its affordability. I’ve got a nice large olive oil bottle. Of course it’s been long since I used up all the original oil from it, but I still use it for my plant oil in the kitchen. As you may read it here keeping your plant oil in a plastic bottle is not a good idea. So, I always pour it into the glass one after I open it up.


I have already once decoupaged this bottle, but it got oily and messy over a time. So, I just decided to redo it.

glass bottle decoupage

I’ve this new nice napkin flower pattern and I have already used it to decoupage my old cabinet. I cleaned the bottle. I did not remove the old paint layers from it. I just rubbed some sandpaper on it to help the new paint get better adjusted to the bottle. And I removed the old grease using window cleaning spray.


Then I repainted the bottle and decoupaged it all anew. Now it looks of refreshed and nice once again.

glass bottle decoupage


Vintage picture: spoons’ decoupage and frame decoupage

I simply love to decoupage things. Thus far, I’ve done many decoupaged glass bottles. I did not have time to write about them all. But lately I have gotten few cheap spoons at the flea market, just the regular metal spoons. I got them little over 0.1$ a piece. Here is what came out of it. It’s one of my creative decoupage ideas for upcycling.

Vintage picture: spoons' decoupage and frame decoupage

First, I have decoupaged the spoons. Here is how I’ve done it. I painted them with a simple white acrylic paint and let them dry. Then I applied the napkin with the transparent polish.

Then I decoupaged the frame. I used napkins with very bright and saturated colors. I used the same napkins both for the spoon and frame decoupage. However, I wanted the decoupaged spoons to stand out on the background of the frame. So, here is what I’ve done.

I have decoupaged the frame with the napkins and then repainted it over the napkin layer with a very ‘thin’ paint. I.e. I have added much water into the paint. I let it dry for 5 min and then wiped the paint off the decoupaged frame. It makes it look older and worn and faded the colors a bit. I glued the decoupaged spoons into the picture. That’s it.