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Easy recycled craft art project for kids

This is a quick and easy recycled craft art project for kids. You may find other similar crafting projects for kids on my blog, such as making modeling dough or cotton wool toys.

For this art project for kids I used old cans. This is a great recycling material for crafts. The craft project is about making a hello kitty pin out of a piece of aluminium can.

recycled craft art project for kids

recycled craft art project for kids

Here is the other side of this can hello kitty pin.

recycled craft art project for kids

recycled craft art project for kids

Here is how you make such easy can pin. You can out a piece of can. Print out a hello kitty head image. Then you need some tracing paper or a piece of baking paper. You need to copy your image to this baking paper. Then you put it over your can piece and use a hard pen to draw out kitty head onto the aluminium.

Remove the paper. You’d see a faint picture of the hello kitty on your can recycled craft material. Use your pen to make it more pronounced. Then cut out the pin. You may decorate it with sparks, glitter glue or anything else you want. If you make a hole in the pin, you can put it on a chain and make a hello kitty handmade pendent out of it. It’s an easy recycled craft art project for kids.



Recycling crafts: how to make plastic bottle flowers and vase decoupage

This recycling craft project involved both decoupaging and making flowers out of plastic bottles.

recycling crafts plastic bottle flowers

recycling crafts plastic bottle flowers

I have already made one of such flowers for many handmade box. Here is a list of things you need for this recycling craft how to plastic bottle project:

– Blue and white plastic bottles

– small plastic bottle for the vase

– Mode podge or transparent polish

– Decoupage napkins

– A candle

– A needle

You decoupage the plastic bottle the same way you decoupage the glass bottle. So, I’ll share the step by step how to only for the plastic bottle flowers.

1. Cut the sheet of plastic out of your blue plastic bottle

2. Cut out a paper pattern of the flower and draw it on the plastic. Cut out the plastic flower. You get a flat looking flower there.

3. Light up the candle. Heat up the needle and prick a hole in the middle of your flat flower.

4. Hold the flower by the needle and put it high up over the lighted candle. The heat would bend the plastic and make it look like a real flower. This is the hardest part of your recycled crafts project. You have to figure out the right distance to the candle to bend the plastic, but to prevent it from curling up or burning.

5. Cut out a piece of white plastic out of the white water bottle. It has to around half inch by hold inch in size. Cut one side in thin slices. The other edge should stay whole. Now roll up the plastic and hold it over the candle. This is how you get the heart of your flower.

6. Heat up a knitting needle over a candle and make a bigger hole in the flower to stick the heart through it. That’s it your plastic bottle flower is ready.

This is a pretty easy recycling craft project out of plastic bottle, but you can make amazing things from it.

plastic bottle flowers and vase decoupage

plastic bottle flowers and vase decoupage

plastic bottle flowers and vase decoupage

plastic bottle flowers and vase decoupage

I have made the decoupaged vase out of juice plastic bottle. You may also use nail polish to decorate the plastic bottle flower and its heart.


Easy handmade Christmas gifts: DIY bulb Christmas tree decoration gifts for kids

easy christmas gift recycled snowman

easy christmas gift recycled snowman

It’s one of the easy recycled crafts for kids. This handmade christmas gift you may easily make with your child. They are very cheap, so you may make a bunch and use them as favors for some party.

bulb snowman

bulb snowman

recycled craft christmas toy

recycled craft christmas toy

Now, guess what these recycled Christmas toys are made of. Yes, they are made out of old bulbs. And they are very easy to make. Here is what you need for making your easy handmade Christmas gifts:

– a bulb

– glue

– napkins

– color cardboard

– yarn

– some cotton wool

– any decor items or glitter

Here is your easy handmade Christmas gifts how to for bulb upcycling:

Most napkin consist of several thin layers. You need to peel them up and use only one thin white layer. You rumple it and glue it to the bulb. Let it dry well. Meanwhile you can make a hat for your Christmas toy. Use stapler or glue to make the cardboard hold together. Then glue some cotton wool or decorations to it.

Once the Christmas toy dries up, you should put the hat on and glue some cotton wool or color napkin to make a coat. You may make the hard out of yarn. You may also use paint to color it once it dries up. Your imagination is your only limit. These things turn out real cute. My child has already started to give them out to her friends and they love these recycled craft Christmas toys.

Recycled carft project: diy box, flowers and other things you can make out of plastic bottles

Recently I have discovered a new material for my recycled craft projects. Recycled art and crafting is a great way to upcycle water bottles. You can make amazing handmade flowers from this material.

recycled crafts: water bottle flowerIt takes about 5 min to make this blue flower, the stem and the leafs. All of it is made out of water bottles.

recycled crafts: water bottle flowerThis while flower is also a part of my recycle craft box project and it is made out of plastic bottles.

recycled crafts: water bottle boxThis was my main recycle craft project of the week. It’s a jewelry box made out of plastic bottles.

recycled crafts: water bottle boxIt’s my first try in making something like this. Here is a quick step by step how to for this plastic bottle DIY box:

1. Cut plastic bottles to make sheets of plastic

2. Make a paper pattern of the box

3. Cut out the plastic (you should fold two sheets of it together. Each side of the box is made out of two sheets of plastic)

4. Make holes on the edges with a pricker

5. Crochet each of the sides over with yarn using crocheting hook.

recycled crafts: water bottle box

6. Stitch the box together with the hook and yarn.

7. Decorate it.

I have to admit, my first box turned out to be a little crooked. That’s because I did not make a paper pattern for it and cut the pieces unevenly. But still I really like it. It’s a nice recycled craft project to start with.

Housekeeping tips: Cleaning wonders you can do just in 15 min!

I am a mother of two kids and I have a house to keep. I have to confess to you: housekeeping is a dull work for me. Plus, I am a working mom. I work from home and this means I always get torn between working and housekeeping.

But, the good news is that I have discovered little magic to help me along. This magic is in just spending 15 min on something you do not like doing and seeing the amazing results. Here is a picture for you to see:

housekeeping tips: cleaning magic

And here is another one:

housekeeping tips: cleaning magic

I hope, you never have such a mess in your kitchen. But, at times I get that in mine. That’s a monster I need lots of magic to deal away with! Only to make things worse: I do my dishes by hand. I do not have a dish washing maching. And, I do not have hot water in my kitchen. So, what I have to do is to heat up a pot of water, wash dishes in a bowl and then rinse them under cold running water.

But you know what, there is no mess in your house you cannot clean in 15 min! Of course, you do not believe me now. But that is true. Only this 15 min work has to be done day after day. The reason I have such a huge pile of dirty dishes in my kitchen is because I missed one day. So, today I had to spend 30 min on the dishes.

And, you know what? I did it. Just in 30 min with no hot water and dish washer I got done most of the dirty dishes you see on the pictures. To prove that cleaning success I have more picture to offer to your attention.


Busy mom cleaning tips

Those are the same table that were piled up with dirty dishes just 30 min ago. Yes, I still have few to go, but it’s already much cleaner than it used to be!

So, you see, the main tip in keeping your house clean is working just 15 min a day on each room or area of your house. 15 min of daily cleaning can do miracles. I have learned it from the flylady book and I am very grateful for this knowledge. It works like a house cleaning magic for a desperate housekeeper! I hope it would help you to start enjoying your life in a clean and shining home. You deserve it!

Ukraine folk style glass bottle and wood decoupage

I simply love to decoupage all things, including glass bottles. Decoupage is a very easy way to turn glass bottles into great decor items for your home or even into gift items.

Here is another one of my decoupage projects, glass bottle and bread board set decoupage.

glass and wood decoupage

I used may rose flower napkin to decoupage this set. This tree is one of the folk national symbols of Ukraine.

glass bottle decoupage

As usual, I have repainted the bottle before decoupaging it. I did not have a lid for it, so I made one using a foam sponge and red yarn.

wood decoupage

I add it a touch of gold by applying some gold paint with a piece of napkin. It did not take me more than an hour to finish up this decoupage set.

Half staff housekeeping and cleaning tips

You know, one of the best things about half ready foods is that they make our life much easier. You just put them into your microwave and your lunch or dinner is ready! Wouldn’t that be great to have such half staff ‘products’ for our house cleaning? Something that takes only few minutes to finish, but helps you to keep your house clean at all times. It’s a fascinating idea for me. And, I  believe such half staff house cleaning things can work well, too.

cleaning tips

I know, it might sound a bit confusing or nuts at first. But, just take a moment to think about it. What is the busiest time of your day? It’s morning and evening for me. So, can I do something to get prepared and make a bunch of these half staff things to pull them out and get finish them up in just few minutes, when I am extremely busy? Why not?


I discovered that with a little bit of planning it’s quite possible to do. I can get many things done just in half to get prepared for the rush hours of the next day. For one, I keep goats and I need to milk them 3 times a day. I use a large plastic jug as my milking pan. And, every time I have temptation to leave it unwashed after I pour the milk out of it. It takes just a moment to clean it. But, if I do not take this moment, the next time I go milking, I have a little stress. I have to heat up the water, clean the milking pan well and it all takes time and make this task a little bit more stressful and complicated.


This is true about most of the things we do. Taking just few moments to prepare things and get them half way done frees more time during your rush hour and makes such hours less stressful. It gives you more time to relax and enjoy your life even in the busiest moments of it! It works for me. I hope, you can take little time and do little planning to make some positive changes in your life with the half staff things for house cleaning.

Quick and healthy fruit snack recipe

This is a snack that takes only 3 min to make and it’s very healthy.

healthy fruit snack recipe

Healthy fruit snack recipe ingredients:

Pita bread

1/2 banana

1/2 orange

1 apple

1 table spoon of honey

As you may see, I just chopped all the fruits and placed them on pita. Then I put some honey on the top and rolled pita.

healthy fruit snack recipe

Done: healthy fruit snack recipe