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3 reasons to learn recycled crafts



recycling crafts plastic bottle flowers

recycling crafts plastic bottle flowers

From trash to beauty

I will not name the obvious reason for learning recycled crafts. It’s being eco friendly. There are some other great reasons to learn this type of crafting. Take a look at three of them here.


1. Recycled crafts offer you wide diversity of choice

There is almost limitless number of things you can craft learning recycled crafts. You can upcycle or recycle almost anything. At this most of the materials for recycling or upcycling are easy to work with. You may use anything from used coffee filters to plastic water bottles or aluminum cans or broken tiles for you craft projects. So, the choice of material and of the things you make crafting is limited only by your imagination.


Plus, you learn different crafting techniques, mastering recycled crafts. I have learned crocheting, decoupage on glass and plastic, paper-mache or working with cotton wool for my recycling projects.

2. Recycled crafts are easy to learn

Most of the recycling craft projects are easy to do. You can learn them quickly and finish them up in a matter of minutes or hours. For instance, you may make a plastic bottle crochet bracelet in less than 10 min. Or, you may make a cute little plastic bottle basket in just half an hour. You may do recycled crafts with your kids, teaching them to live green and to have and craft.


3. Recycled crafts are cheap

In most cases crafting takes some money. You need to buy the materials for your crafting projects. It’s not a problem with recycled crafts. For instance, I use old yarn for my projects. I recycle old sweaters or scarfs and use that yarn. In most cases, you may get glass bottles for decoupage, water bottles, cans, or cardboard for free. And, there is another advantage to consider. When you learn to craft, you get some chances of spoiling your first projects. With recycled crafts it’s not a big deal, as the materials are either cheap or free. And your material supplies can be easily refilled.


Hopefully, these reasons to learn recycled crafts are good enough for you to try them. Check out some of the ideas and how tos for recycled crafts on my blog.


List of top 4 easy green and safe homemade cleaning products

Are you serious about living green? Good for you and for your health. Here you will find a list of 4 easy green and safe homemade cleaning products. If you are not aware yet of the danger of toxic substances in household cleaning supplies, read this post:

green homemade cleaning supplies

  1. Homemade cleaning products for your dishes
    Baking soda is a versatile cleaner. You can use it to meet many of your kitchen and household cleaning needs. It can be a great component for make safe homemade cleaning products and supplies.

    For one, you can use baking soda as your dish washing supply. If you wash dishes by hands, you can just dip the sponge into some baking soda and clean the dishes with it. If you have a hard time removing fat and oil off your dishes, mix baking soda with mustard and water. This would help you easily remove fat and avoid using surface active toxic substances, which lead to cancer development.

  2. Homemade cleaning products for bathroom and toilet cleaning
    You can make a homemade paste for cleaning your toilet and bathroom. Mix some baking soda with soap. You can either use liquid soap or grate soap bar and mix it with the baking soda. Add some water and rub your bath tub and toilet with this paste.

    Unlike many over the counter cleaning supplies, this homemade cleaning product does not leave a toxic substance residue in the bathtub. This means, you keep your skin and body safe from getting intoxicated with those chemicals. Besides, baking soda and soap mix cleanses your bathtub sparingly and keeps it nice looking and functional for a longer time.

  3. Spray homemade cleaning products
    One of the easiest things is to make a safe and non toxic spray type homemade cleaning supply. You just mix some water with white vinegar. Mix them in one to one proportion and pour into an old spray bottle.

    You can use this spray to clean most things in your kitchen. You can clean your sink, countertops, windows, oven or stove surfaces, etc.

  4. Furniture polish homemade cleaning products
    Most furniture polishes or waxes contain toxic substances. To avoid this, you can use a very affordable and easy to make furniture polish. Use a mix of lemon juice and olive oil. Lemon contains acid, which removes fat and dirt off your furniture, while olive oil adds it a touch of shining and gloss. If you just need to clean the furniture, you may rub it with the lemon, cut in half.

As you may see, these homemade cleaning products are really easy to make and safe to use. They do not contain any toxic substances and do not threaten your health. Besides, they save you money, as most of such homemade cleaning supplies are much cheaper, than over the counter cleaning products.

Teaching kids the ways of green living

Living green and teaching kids to live green is another topic I would like to introduce to my blog. I know, it already seems to resemble a salad with too many ingredients in it. But isn’t this what most of the busy and working moms deal with daily?

You know, this far I have never been short on topics or ideas for the posts. I mainly live and work from home, as I am a freelance copywriter. Still, I have so much to share! Life is never dull with my family, work and hobbies.

green living

Today I have come across this post on bring up kids and teaching them green living. I really love the idea. I always try to keep my household in a greener fashion. But the idea of purposeful training kids to live green from the young years has never occurred to me. I believe this is the right thing to do. The Bible verse says: train a young men to do right in the childhood, and he will never turn away from the right path. I believe this!

Now I got myself thinking about some practical tips and ways of teaching my kids green living. Share with me some, if you have already discovered them!