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Trickled pastries soup recipe

Ukrainian trickled pastries soup recipe is easy. You just cook regular soup. I made a chicken soup. I made a chicken broth, then added few potatoes, one carrot, one onion, some greens and made my trickled pastries.

To make them I mixed one egg with enough four to make a thick dough.

Trickled pastries soup recipe

Then, when your soup is boiling, you pick little pieces of pastry and throw them into your soup.

Here is the ready made Ukrainian trickled pastries soup:

Ukrainian trickled pastries soup


Ukrainian cuisine: I call them ‘cheese cakes’, the original name is “sirniki”

This is fast and healthy breakfast recipe for busy moms. These cheese cakes or cheese pancakes taste great and are easy to make.

cheese cakes

I use soft cheese or curd to make them. Mixing takes only 3 min, especially if you have a food processor.


Soft cheese or curd 7 oz

2 table spoons of sugar


2 table spoons of semolina (if you have it)

If not, just take 3-4 table spoons of all purpose flour

1-2 eggs

1 table spoon of soft butter

1 banana

Making of these cheese cakes:

You should mix all things together. It is easier to do in a food processor. But, you can do it using a fork in a large bowl. If you do it manually, crush banana first, then mix everything up and crush well together.

Now, set a flat plate covered with flour. Take some mix, roll a ball about of flatten it between your palms to make a cake. Set both sides of this little cake into the flour and leave it on the plate. You should roll all the small cakes in this manner and set both sides of them in the flour.

Cheese cakes just before you fry them.

That’s what you get. Then you set a pan to heat and pour some plant oil in it. You fry the cheese cakes or Sirniki on the pan, untill the get golden crust. You serve them hot with some sour cream or jelly.

The original recipe of sirniki or cheese cakes does not include bananas. I add it, and it tastes even better.

The curd or soft cheese is a very healthy thing for a breakfast. You can get it low in fat, too. This sirniki or cheese cake recipe does not take long to make and it is delicious. All kids in Ukraine love them.

Dinner Recipe Ideas: Ukrainian Soup Borsch

Ukrainian BorschUkrainian Borsch – Healthy Dinner Recipe Ideas

Borsch is a kind of most loved soups in Ukraine. I did really plan to post this recipe for Valentine Day.Even though, it does not look much like a love dish, cooking great Borsch is a fast way to win the hearts of Ukrainian men. They love it! Here is Borsch recipe:


Borsch ingredients

Potatoes – 3

Beetroot – 1

Mushrooms – 4-5

Onions – 1 large or 2 small ones

Carrots – 1 (I used parsnip instead)

Garlic – few cloves

2-3 table spoons of tomato paste


Plant oil or fat

Spices, salt

Chicken or pork broth

Dinner Recipe Ideas: Borsch Making

You boil the broth, then you peel all the veggies. Carrots and beetroot has to be grated. The rest of them can be just chopped. All, but cabbage. Leave it for later.

When you broth starts boiling, add all the veggies into the pot. All, but cabbage. Add tomato paste, salt and spices. I love to use red pepper powder and coriander. You may also add bay leaf.

Let the veggies boil on slow heat. When potatoes get almost ready, cut cabbage into thin slices and add to your Borsch. Add a table spoon of plant oil (sunflower, corn or olive). Leave on the stove for 2 more min and take it off. Leave Borsch to draw a bit. The cabbage is added the last one to remain a bit raw and crumpy.

You should serve Borsch hot with a bit of sour cream. We also eat it with rye bread, bacon and garlic.

In Ukraine Borsch is cooked in large pots. The trick is that this soup gets only better after few days in your fridge. It is true. It gets all the aromas and taste of veggies in it. So, you may cook it for several dinners and boil the entire pot of Borsch before each serving. It would only improve its taste.

Borsch has been a favorite and healthy dinner soup, cooked in Ukraine for centuries. Till this day, we serve it even for such special occasions, as weddings or Christmas.

It takes 5 min to make your home mayonnaise! Quick Mayonnaise Recipe

Even if your grocery store is located just across the street, it still would be much faster to make your own yummy mayonnaise at home. For one, it is delicious. And, it is all natural. No chemicals to poison you.


2 eggs

1/3 tea spoon of salt

1 cup of olive or sun flower oil

half of tea spoon of lemon juice

A blender

5 mins of your time


What it takes to make mayonnaise

Break the eggs into a blender cup. I use hand blender to make mayonnaise. You may also use kitchen machine to make it.

Add salt and blend for 30 secs.

Then start slowly pouring oil into the cup, while still blending.

Making mayonnaise at home

Blend and pour untill all oil goes into the cup. During this process mayonnaise should turn white in color.It takes about 3 minutes of blending.

Then try to see, if you got enough salt in it and add some lemon juice. Blend again for 5 secs.

You mayonnaise is ready.

Your mayonnaise is ready