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Home condensed milk easy recipe

This is a very easy home condensed milk recipe. In my country we have a big problem: most food manufacturers use palm oil instead milk in most of the ‘dairy’ products. So, buying a condensed milk, you cannot be sure, you are not just eating a bunch of bad and cholesterol rich fats.

condensed milk easy recipe

Another big problem is buying real milk even at the farmers’ market. Most of them sell only skim milk or use various tricks to make more milk than their cows can give. That is one reason why I keep goats.

So, here is the condensed milk easy recipe:


1 quart of milk (do not use the skim one or low fat. I use goat milk, it is higher in fat)

12 ounces of sugar

Optionally you may add:

2 table spoons of starch or flour

Some vanilla

Some coconut crunch

Making of the home condensed milk:

Set the milk to boil and add all the sugar. Stir it untill sugar dissolves. Then set it on a low heat.

I forgot to mention that you need to use a pan with thick walls. You can use any pan, but a thick wall one would work the best. You would not have to be standing and stirring the milk all the time.

It took me about one hour of low heat boiling to make condensed milk. I stirred it once in a while and added few table spoons of sugar along the way. When the milk got a bit thick and after an hour of cooking it, I added vanilla and 1 spoon of starch OR 2 table spoons of all purpose flour and stirred it well. You may do without the starch or flour, but the cooking would take longer and you’d get smaller amount of the condensed milk.

Now, from 1 quart of milk I got about 0,6 quarts of condensed milk. As you may see on the photo, it has a creamy color. To make it thicker, you may set it in a fridge for new hours. You may also add some coconut crunch or cocoa or anything else you can think about to flavor it.

Here is an interesting fact: my home condensed milk is a natural and clean product, as it does not contain any chemical additions. And, it turns out much cheaper than the ready made condensed milk! 0,6 quart cost me only$2, while if I had to buy it, I’d pay at least $4,5.

You can use this condensed milk easy recipe to make cream for your cakes, too. Even though condensed milk is not the most healhy food on earth, the homemade one is much healthier than the one you can get in a can.

The benefits of 101 types of tea

Tea is one of the foods widely consumed and much loved in my country. In fact, I have laid out some desert recipes for tea, we make in Ukraine and I have many more to go.

types of tea

Personally, I prefer drinking green or chicory tea. Most people here love black tea. But, I never knew there were so many different types of tea out there until I stumbled on this tea blog:


It has a list of 101 types of tea with its health benefits listed in the post. It’s fun and educational, too. It made me visit my health store and get several new herbs to brew my tea with.

List of top 4 easy green and safe homemade cleaning products

Are you serious about living green? Good for you and for your health. Here you will find a list of 4 easy green and safe homemade cleaning products. If you are not aware yet of the danger of toxic substances in household cleaning supplies, read this post:

green homemade cleaning supplies

  1. Homemade cleaning products for your dishes
    Baking soda is a versatile cleaner. You can use it to meet many of your kitchen and household cleaning needs. It can be a great component for make safe homemade cleaning products and supplies.

    For one, you can use baking soda as your dish washing supply. If you wash dishes by hands, you can just dip the sponge into some baking soda and clean the dishes with it. If you have a hard time removing fat and oil off your dishes, mix baking soda with mustard and water. This would help you easily remove fat and avoid using surface active toxic substances, which lead to cancer development.

  2. Homemade cleaning products for bathroom and toilet cleaning
    You can make a homemade paste for cleaning your toilet and bathroom. Mix some baking soda with soap. You can either use liquid soap or grate soap bar and mix it with the baking soda. Add some water and rub your bath tub and toilet with this paste.

    Unlike many over the counter cleaning supplies, this homemade cleaning product does not leave a toxic substance residue in the bathtub. This means, you keep your skin and body safe from getting intoxicated with those chemicals. Besides, baking soda and soap mix cleanses your bathtub sparingly and keeps it nice looking and functional for a longer time.

  3. Spray homemade cleaning products
    One of the easiest things is to make a safe and non toxic spray type homemade cleaning supply. You just mix some water with white vinegar. Mix them in one to one proportion and pour into an old spray bottle.

    You can use this spray to clean most things in your kitchen. You can clean your sink, countertops, windows, oven or stove surfaces, etc.

  4. Furniture polish homemade cleaning products
    Most furniture polishes or waxes contain toxic substances. To avoid this, you can use a very affordable and easy to make furniture polish. Use a mix of lemon juice and olive oil. Lemon contains acid, which removes fat and dirt off your furniture, while olive oil adds it a touch of shining and gloss. If you just need to clean the furniture, you may rub it with the lemon, cut in half.

As you may see, these homemade cleaning products are really easy to make and safe to use. They do not contain any toxic substances and do not threaten your health. Besides, they save you money, as most of such homemade cleaning supplies are much cheaper, than over the counter cleaning products.

Easy beetroot salad recipe

Here is a very healthy and easy to make beetroot salad recipe.

beetroot salad recipe
This beetroot salad is very easy.





Plant oil

Making of the beetroot salad:

Boil several beetroots in salty water. They have to get cooked well. You can prick them with a fork to see, if they got cooked. Then you cool them, peel them and grate the beetroots. Take few cloves of garlic and grate or press them into the salad. Pour some plant oil (I use sunflower plant oil) into your salad.

This beetroot salad is very healthy. The beetroot contains many vitamins, essential for your health. Garlic helps to clean your vessels and boosts your immune system. Plant oil contains vitamins and antioxidants in it.

There are many variations of this easy beetroot salad possible. You can add some walnuts and prunes into it. If you are not counting calories, you may add mayonnaise instead of plant oil. Here is an easy 5 min homemade mayonnaise recipe for you: https://busymomhelp.wordpress.com/2012/02/04/it-takes-5-min-to-make-your-home-mayonnaise-quick-mayonnaise-recipe/

Housekeeping tips: vegetable oil bottle

Tips for healthy housekeeping

Most of us use some kind of vegetable oil for cooking. If you are using more expensive extra virgin olive oil only, you may not be interested in this post. But, if you use less expensive oils, you know, they are mostly sold in plastic bottles. These bottles have several significant cons, when it goes about health issues.

vegetable oil

According to scientists, there is no 100 percent safe plastic to use for foods, as all plastics have a potential of getting its toxic particles into the foods, they store.

Vegetable oil is a highly active environment for plastic, especially if you set your veggie oil bottle on the window shelf or somewhere, where sun rays come in direct contact with the bottle and oil in it. For one, they stimulate oxidation processes in vegetable oil and it gets spoiled fast or loses its vitamins. Besides, sun exposure makes plastic toxic.

The solution for this housekeeping problem is simple. You can get an old olive oil bottle, decorate it and use it for storing your vegetable oil.

bottle for vegetable oilremember, I am not good at taking pics.

This is the same bottle. It was an olive oil bottle. I painted it, using crackle technique and decoupaged it with a napkin. I also covered it up with polish to prevent decoupage damage.

Now, as soon as I buy vegetable oil, I pour it into this glass bottle.

Three benefits:

– I do not store vegetable oil in plastic

– The bottle looks nice and decorates my kitchen

– The bottle is not transparent and protects oil from oxidation

Healthy housekeeping tip:

When you shop for vegetable oil, check out its issue date. Most oils have pretty long shelf life (up to 1 year). Try to purchase only freshly poured vegetable oil. This way, it does not stay long in plastic and does not get toxic.

Ukrainian cuisine: I call them ‘cheese cakes’, the original name is “sirniki”

This is fast and healthy breakfast recipe for busy moms. These cheese cakes or cheese pancakes taste great and are easy to make.

cheese cakes

I use soft cheese or curd to make them. Mixing takes only 3 min, especially if you have a food processor.


Soft cheese or curd 7 oz

2 table spoons of sugar


2 table spoons of semolina (if you have it)

If not, just take 3-4 table spoons of all purpose flour

1-2 eggs

1 table spoon of soft butter

1 banana

Making of these cheese cakes:

You should mix all things together. It is easier to do in a food processor. But, you can do it using a fork in a large bowl. If you do it manually, crush banana first, then mix everything up and crush well together.

Now, set a flat plate covered with flour. Take some mix, roll a ball about of flatten it between your palms to make a cake. Set both sides of this little cake into the flour and leave it on the plate. You should roll all the small cakes in this manner and set both sides of them in the flour.

Cheese cakes just before you fry them.

That’s what you get. Then you set a pan to heat and pour some plant oil in it. You fry the cheese cakes or Sirniki on the pan, untill the get golden crust. You serve them hot with some sour cream or jelly.

The original recipe of sirniki or cheese cakes does not include bananas. I add it, and it tastes even better.

The curd or soft cheese is a very healthy thing for a breakfast. You can get it low in fat, too. This sirniki or cheese cake recipe does not take long to make and it is delicious. All kids in Ukraine love them.

Dinner Recipe Ideas: Ukrainian Soup Borsch

Ukrainian BorschUkrainian Borsch – Healthy Dinner Recipe Ideas

Borsch is a kind of most loved soups in Ukraine. I did really plan to post this recipe for Valentine Day.Even though, it does not look much like a love dish, cooking great Borsch is a fast way to win the hearts of Ukrainian men. They love it! Here is Borsch recipe:


Borsch ingredients

Potatoes – 3

Beetroot – 1

Mushrooms – 4-5

Onions – 1 large or 2 small ones

Carrots – 1 (I used parsnip instead)

Garlic – few cloves

2-3 table spoons of tomato paste


Plant oil or fat

Spices, salt

Chicken or pork broth

Dinner Recipe Ideas: Borsch Making

You boil the broth, then you peel all the veggies. Carrots and beetroot has to be grated. The rest of them can be just chopped. All, but cabbage. Leave it for later.

When you broth starts boiling, add all the veggies into the pot. All, but cabbage. Add tomato paste, salt and spices. I love to use red pepper powder and coriander. You may also add bay leaf.

Let the veggies boil on slow heat. When potatoes get almost ready, cut cabbage into thin slices and add to your Borsch. Add a table spoon of plant oil (sunflower, corn or olive). Leave on the stove for 2 more min and take it off. Leave Borsch to draw a bit. The cabbage is added the last one to remain a bit raw and crumpy.

You should serve Borsch hot with a bit of sour cream. We also eat it with rye bread, bacon and garlic.

In Ukraine Borsch is cooked in large pots. The trick is that this soup gets only better after few days in your fridge. It is true. It gets all the aromas and taste of veggies in it. So, you may cook it for several dinners and boil the entire pot of Borsch before each serving. It would only improve its taste.

Borsch has been a favorite and healthy dinner soup, cooked in Ukraine for centuries. Till this day, we serve it even for such special occasions, as weddings or Christmas.

More ideas on homemade mayonnaise

Plant oil for homemade mayonnaise

As you may know, plant oil is the basic ingredient for homemade mayonnaise. In many places you get advice to use olive oil for your mayonnaise base. I don’t. There are several reasons why. For one, to get the best out of olive oil mayonnaise flavor, you have to use extra virgin olive oil. It can be expensive.

So, I use sunflower oil for my mayonnaise base. This oil has several benefits to offer. It is affordable. That’s for one. And, it tastes great, if you use purified sunflower oil. Besides, this oil is rich with vitamins and anti oxidants. Even richer than olive oil.

Now, if you wish to add a special taste to your homemade mayonnaise, the best thing is to experiment and start mixing different oils. For instance, you may use corn oil. Add 20 percent of corn oil to your base oil. Corn oil has a stronger taste, than purified sunflower oil. It will give a distinct taste to your mayo.

You may also use sesame oil, if you want to add hot spicy taste to your mayonnaise. Sesame oil is known for its various health benefits. So, get to work and experiment to make the most out of your home made mayonnaise experience.