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My cute homemade cat toys: go green and recycle old clothes

Here are two new soft homemade cat toys in my collection.

go green handmade toy cats

go green handmade toy cats

The bigger toy cat is a soft pillow cat. It is made out of recycled baby coat and it is stuffed with recycled stuffing used from an old toy that had to be thrown away.

The larger handmade toy cat holds a heart in its hands. This heart is made out of upcycled baby sweater crocheted over with recycled yarn.

go green handmade toy cats

go green handmade toy cats

The smaller handmade toy cat is made out of old baby sweater. These handmade toys are eco friendly and making them is a fun and easy way to go green. Both handmade toy cats are handstiched. Feel free to contact me at kievtranslator@gmail.com to order your custom made go green toy cat made out of recycled materials.

Upcycling for crocheting: upcycling old yarn

In my country upcycling for crocheting is cost effective. The new yarn is expensive here. So, here is what I do:

upcycling for crocheting

I find old crocheted things, such as sweaters and uncrochet them. Sometimes I go to a secondhand shop and find the right kind of crocheted old sweater there for my crocheting projects. It is easy, cost effective and eco friendly.

Soft baby toy making: Hello Kitty

handmade hello kittyAs many other girls, my older daughter is in love with Hello Kitty.

Here is our handmade soft toy Hello Kitty. We had a soft coat of our baby girl. She grew out of it. So, we made this toy together with my older daughter. We did not use any patterns for it. I drew a sort of pattern for this soft toy on a sheet of paper. Cut it out and placed on the fabric. It took us about 1 hour to make this soft Hello Kitty toy.