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Plastic sewing box decoupage

This far I have decoupaged two plastic boxes for sewing and one wood box. These were just simple white plastic boxes for storing sewing supplies, such as needles, yarn, etc.

plastic box decoupage

This is the smaller box. I have used spring flower napkin to decoupage it.

Here is the second and larger decoupaged plastic box. I used lily pattern for it.

plastic box decoupage

Here is how I started this easy DIY project.

plastic box decoupage

As you may see, I have started to repaint the box here. It does not look good at first. I tried to use sandpaper to help the paint stick better to the box, but it wasn’t needed.

Once the paint get dried up, I decoupaged the box and covered it up with more polish.

Here is the second and larger decoupaged plastic box.

Decoupage ideas: tea jar decoupage

I have done this decoupage project a while ago, but I did not have time to write about it.Decoupage is one of my favorite crafts, along with crocheting, but it takes and time inspiration to do it.

tea jar decoupage

This tea jar decoupage is a very useful project, too. It’s a great way to upcycle things, such as old jars, glass bottles and even plastic bottles. I used to buy and store tea in paper boxes. But, with time the box would break down and the tea would fall out of it. Plus, dried tea does not ‘like’ light. It should not be exposed to light, when stored. So, I came up with this tea jar decoupage idea.

tea jar decoupage

As you may see, I have partially decoupaged the glass jar. But I have also used a different approach to decorating it. I applied some wood putty onto the jar. When it was yet soft, I used my crocheting hook to write “Tea and Chai” on the jar.

tea jar decoupage

When the putty dried up, I painted it and highlighted the inscriptions with golden paint. I have also decoupaged the jar lid.

Now my jar has become non transparent and well suited for storing tea. And, I love how it looks. All my friends tell me I have the most exquisite jars and bottles in my home:) That is what I love decoupage for. You can decoupage almost anything!

Handmade decoupage lamp how to

I have already shared how I decoupaged glass picture. Now I have turned this decoupaged glass picture into a handmade lamp.

Handmade decoupage lamp how to

You may find tips on how to decoupage on glass by clicking the link.

Handmade decoupage lamp how to

I have to admit that my husband helped me to make this handmade decoupaged lamp. I bought some real cheap wood planks. I cut the right size to for the decoupaged glass picture to. He glued them together with a special glue, used for wood. Then, he attached some LED lights inside the lamp, he used an old cell phone adapter to plug it in. I have to only paint the wooden box of the lamp now.

This DIY decoupaged lamp has cost me around $1.

More glass bottles decoupage

I discovered one thing: most people simply love decoupaged glass bottles. So, I made more of them and gave them away. I believe it’s a great way to upcycle things and live green. Besides, you gain some health benefits by storing vegetable oil in eco safe bottles.

So, here are two more of my glass bottles decoupage:

glass bottles decoupage

This one is done in Easter style and matches the Easter wood gift set, I decoupaged.

glass bottles decoupage

I call this decopaged glass bottle romantic. Recenlty my baby has torn a novel to sheets. So, I used up some of them to decorate this glass bottle.

glass bottles decoupage

Here is my short glass bottle decoupage how to:

– I removed all the oil by using spirit base window spray.

– I painted the bottle in white

– I cut out a piece of book sheet and burnt it on all sides

– Then, as usual, I used polish to glue the napkin and then the book sheets to the bottle and I covered it all up with more polish

glass bottles decoupage

Easter home decoration: glass picture decoupage how to

Here is the promised step by step glass picture decoupage how to.

glass picture decoupage how to

Here is what I had for it:

glass picture decoupage how to

First, I removed all fat from the glass. I used a spirit based glass cleaner to do that. Then I used transparent polish to adjust the napkin pattern. You do all the decorating on the back part of the glass. So, you glue the napkin with the picture down to the glass, so you could see it through the glass.

I let it dry and then added an inscription. I used some golden paint and my knitting hook to do that. Again, make sure to write ‘backwards’, so you can read the word properly, when you look on it from the other side of the glass.

I let it dry up a bit. Then I took a soft tissue, dipped it into golden paint and sort of patted the back side of the glass with it. You can also use a dish washing sponge to do that.That is the first stage of my glass picture decoupage how to.

Once the golden paint got dried up, I applied some white acrylic paint the same way, as I applied the golden one. You have to cover up the entire napkin pattern decoupage and all the back of the glass with it.

The last stage of the glass picture decoupage how to is to cover up your decoupage with transparent polish. This would prevent your picture from getting scratched or damaged.