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Easter present wood decoupage how to

I might be that the Easter is over in your country. It’s not in mine. The next weekend is the Easter here in Ukraine. I have made an Easter decoupage present for my babysitter and friend. Here is my wood decoupage how to for it:

Easter present decoupage how to

She just loves the present, though it cost me only $2, a napkin and a bit of my time and creativity.

The best thing is that it does not get long to make these. So, here is the decoupage how to:

– First I painted both of these with the white paint. I let it dry up well.

– I cut out the napkin pattern for the decoupage. I have to admit that I made a mistake here. First I applied some polish to the board and made it sticky and only then decided to try, how the napkin would fit the board! It’s a messy thing to do. So, don’t do it. First try you pattern on and only then apply the polish.

– So,  I applied some transparent polish very sparingly and glued the napkin on it. If you apply too much polish right away, the napkin would go bubbling. Once it gets stuck well to the board, apply more polish to it and let it dry.

– I made an inscription with the crocheting hook. I just dip it into the golden paint and write with it. The word says Easter in Russian.

– I took a dish washing sponge, dipped it into some golden paint and patted the board with it. And, let it dry. This is essential. If you touch wet decoupage polish, you risk to have both the napkin and even paint come off the board or bottle.

– Finally, I covered up the board with the polish well and let it dry.

So, that’s my Easter present wood deoupage how to. I have done the same with the shovel. I have deocupaged only one side of the board. This way my friend would be able to use it for cutting her bread and hand it on the wall to decorate her kitchen, when she doesn’t.

Easter home decoration: glass picture decoupage how to

Here is the promised step by step glass picture decoupage how to.

glass picture decoupage how to

Here is what I had for it:

glass picture decoupage how to

First, I removed all fat from the glass. I used a spirit based glass cleaner to do that. Then I used transparent polish to adjust the napkin pattern. You do all the decorating on the back part of the glass. So, you glue the napkin with the picture down to the glass, so you could see it through the glass.

I let it dry and then added an inscription. I used some golden paint and my knitting hook to do that. Again, make sure to write ‘backwards’, so you can read the word properly, when you look on it from the other side of the glass.

I let it dry up a bit. Then I took a soft tissue, dipped it into golden paint and sort of patted the back side of the glass with it. You can also use a dish washing sponge to do that.That is the first stage of my glass picture decoupage how to.

Once the golden paint got dried up, I applied some white acrylic paint the same way, as I applied the golden one. You have to cover up the entire napkin pattern decoupage and all the back of the glass with it.

The last stage of the glass picture decoupage how to is to cover up your decoupage with transparent polish. This would prevent your picture from getting scratched or damaged.