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Easter decor decoupage tutorial, DIY Easter wreath

I love upcycling and turning trash into treasure. Today I visited my good old friend and found a piece of old wood, some ledge and an old ceramic tile in his backyard. Here is what you can do out of these things. It’s my Easter door decor or wreath for this year and here is the tutorial or how you make it.

Easter door decor DIY

Easter door decor DIY

This is what I made in 1 hour. It’s  a little bird house our made out of the old piece of wood. I’ll hang it on my door instead of the Easter wreath. This house has a little nest with felted eggs in it. Below the house there is an old tile all decoupaged and I’ll write Easter on it later on.

Here is what I had to start with.

Easter door decor DIY

Easter door decor DIY

For my Easter decor DIY project I used a pretty small and almost square piece of wood, one old tile, some ledge, rope and a piece of tree bark.

The materials and tools needed for this easy DIY Easter decoupage project:

– white paint

– brown paint

– hot glue gun

– acrylic transparent polish

– a soft brush for decoupage

– napkins

Here the Easter door decor tutorial:

First paint both the tile and the wood (clean them well first) with the white paint and let them dry or dry them using a hairdryer. I glued together two pieces of ledge to form the roof and painted it brown.

Easter door decor DIY

Easter door decor DIY

Step 2 – Decopuage the tile and the piece of wood. I used two different kinds of napkins. You may find my decoupage how to here.

Easter door decor DIY

Easter door decor DIY

Step 3 – make a nest. I made it out of rope by coiling and gluing it together for this Easter wreath. I have also felted 3 small eggs out of wool and used green wool inside the nest to imitate the grass.

Step 4 is to cover the decoupage with polish, get it dry and glue the roof onto the bird house.

Easter door decor DIY

Easter door decor DIY

Step 5 – I glued some rope around the tile to make a frame for it and left the loose ends to fasten it to the bird house. I glued the bark in the bottom part of my Easter decor item and glued the nest onto the bark. I have also used this rope to make a look to hang the Easter door decor. You may find some of my crafting ideas on Pinterest. I have few cool boards there, such as upcycling or decoupage tutorials. You may also find some of the other of my Easter projects on this blog.

Decoupage ideas: bunny jar

This is one of my latest decoupage projects I really love. It’s decoupage on glass with a napkin. It’s a bunny jar.

bunny far

This is a larger size glass jar. It used to lay around in the barn. I cleaned it and decoupaged with bunny napkin.

Here is a quick decoupage on glass tutorial:

– Repaint the glass jar first with acrylic paint. It’s really hard to decoupage on glass, if you do not paint it first. The napkins soak up fast and get easily torn.

– Once the paint dries up, you can start decoupaging. I use transparent furniture polish instead of glue. First I sparingly apply the polish onto the painted glass. Then I put the napkin on and add more polish to get it stick to the jar.

bunny jar2

As you may see here, I have made a little dint in the napkin right above the rabbit. Later on I dubbed it with little bit of white paint.

– Finally, you cover up the entire jar with more polish. It makes it hard to damage the decoupage and you can wash it.

I have also decoupaged the metal lid of the jar.

bunny jar3

I have also repainted it before decoupaging. Then I added a ribbon as a final touch. Now I store sugar in this decoupaged glass jar. Follow me on Pinterest and check out my Etsy store.

More upcycling and decoupage ideas

I love to repurpose things and decoupage provides me with the easy way of doing so. In this post you’ll see two decoupage ideas: decoupage on trays and recycled tile.

plastic tray decoupage

plastic tray decoupage

I got two plastic and ugly green color trays at the flea market just for 50 cents. But they are perfect for decoupage. This one I have decoupaged with sunflowers. I can use it for serving food or carrying plates, but I love it on the shelf, too.

Here is the other decoupage idea on a tray, so to say:

plastic tray decoupage

plastic tray decoupage

It’s the same type of tray as the first one and I decoupaged it as a spring gift for one lady. It’s a sort of shabby chic style in decouapge. It’s a pity I did not have the crackle polish for it though.

So, here is a quick tray decoupage tutorial:

The difficulty with these trays is that the plastic is “slipery” so to say and the paint easily falls off of it. You may rub it with the sand paper first. I repainted the trays in white using acrylic paint.

Then I decoupaged them and covered with transparent polish. The rose tray, I did not like to leave it just white, so I dippied a napkin in some coffee and rubbed in onto the tray to make it look a bit old and shabby.

Finally, here is the recycled and decoupaged tile:

decoupaged and recycled tile

decoupaged and recycled tile

It’s a small and old tile about 2 by 4 inches. It was a white tile, so I did not paint it and just decoupaged it with the napkin. Then I covered it with two types of polish: the transparent and pearl ones.

Few weeks ago I bought this organic rope in the store. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. I have already used it in many crafts. But I love this one. I just used hot glue gun to glue the rope around the tile and make a handle over it.

So, now I can hang it on the wall as a small picture, or I can glue a recipe onto it or use it as a picture frame. I have made 3 of such tiles and gave two of them away putting on the printed Bible verses. They do make nice little and very inexpensive gifts.

It’s a nice way to go green with these decoupage ideas. I  hope you enjoy them, pin them and share them on Facebook or Twitter.


DIY present tutorial: how to make a decoupaged and hanging flower pot

The good thing about cheap plastic pots is that you can easily turn them into great DIY gifts or into nice decor items for your home or garden. Here are few ideas on how to decoupage a flower pot and make hanging flower pot out of simple and cheap plastic pot.

flower pot decoupage

On your right you see the kind of cheap plastic flower pot I used for this project. It cost me $0.7 a piece. On the left you see, how it got transformed by being decoupaged.

Flower pot decoupage steps:

1.Use sandpapper

Some plastic is tricky for decoupage, as both paint and polish have hard time sticking to it. So, you have to start by working with sandpaper on the pot first. You may also put a layer of glue and let it try up well and only then start repainting the pot or decoupaging it.

2. Repaint

I put a layer of white water based paint on the pot. Even though it did not change the pot color, it helped the napkin pattern to stick better to it. Let the paint dry well.

3. Cut and position

Cut out your napkin patterns and try to position them well on your pot. Sometimes I get so anxious to decorate that I do not do the positioning on a dry pot. It’s an easy way to let things go wrong. When you try them on a dry pot, you can always change your mind and pattern, too.

4. Start gluing

I use transparent polish for my decoupage projects. I apply the polish sparingly on the pot surface. Then I glue the napkin pattern, get rid bubbles with a soft brush and only then put more polish to soak the napkin well.

5. Cover up the entire pot with the polish and let it dry well.

6. Color it

If you just leave the napkin pattern on, the decoupaged flower pot would look like some child’s craft piece. To make it look better, you should color it. I use the same white paint as for the base. Only I add various tints and colors to it. Experiment. Place a small amount of white paint into a small bowl and start adding colors to it until you get the desired tint.

Then you may apply the paint to your decoupaged flower pot with a brush, but I prefer using either plastic foam or a piece of napkin. You dip it into the paint and make gentle strokes on your pot. It adds an airy touch of color to it.

7. Let it dry and cover up with another layer of polish (you may add several layers)

Now, how do you turn a simple plastic pot like that into a hanging one?

Hanging decoupaged flower pot

It’s pretty easy. First, I made the holes in the pot. I used a nail and pliers for this purpose. You take the nail with the pliers and heat it up. I simply stuck it into the gas stove. Once it heats up enough, you easily prick the holes in the plastic. Only make sure to use pliers with the plastic handles. The iron ones would heat up and burn your fingers.

Then I decoupaged the flower pot and put the ropes thru the holes in it. I also used a decoupaged old CD as a pot holder. I have also made holes with a hot nail in it and attached it with the same blue rope to the decoupaged flower pot.

That’s my step by step DIY decoupage tutorial for flower pots. I hope you find it useful. Comments are welcomed.