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Crocheted headband with a flower

I have been doing much crocheting these days. Here is another one of my small crocheting projects for kids: a hair band with a flower.

crocheting for kids

I tried to crochet a narcisi fower, but it does not look like it. Still, I think the crocheted flower looks cute.


Little sweet crocheting for my babies: crocheting flowers and baby bags

This Easter I have made some handmade gifts for my girls. Crocheting flowers and baby bags was part of it.

Crocheting flowers

These flowers are really fast and easy to crochet. Kids enjoyed playing with them and later on we have made a cute flower tree out of them. I’ll post it next.

I have also crocheted small baby bag for the Easter bonny to put the chocolate candies in.

Crocheting baby bags

These crochet baby bags take only about half an hour each to crochet.

baby bag crocheting

Finally, I’ve crocheted a small cat bracelet for my older girl.

baby bag crocheting

baby bag crocheting

These crocheted baby things took only about an hour to crochet. They are easy, but sweet and kids  really liked them.