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Crocheting: How to make a handmade lamp

Hand made crocheted lampCrocheting: Hand made lamp

I love to make pretty things. And, I simply love it, when I can make them out of some things, no one needs.

It took me only 4 hours to make this hand made lamp. I crocheted it.

As a stand for it I used a wine bottle. I also had an old lampshade at home. And, I had two little green and gray yarns.

Besides, my husband is an electrician. So, I did not have to pay anyone to make this lamp shine.

I found a pretty simple crochet style in the Internet and got to work. I used two hooks of different sizes to crochet this lamp.

Hand made lampIt’s a pity I am not a great photographer. The lamp does not look as good on my pictures, as it does in reality.

Just little creativity and time and you get exclusive decor lamp for your bedroom.

Handmade lamp