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Tiny crocheted flower basket for Easter

This crocheted flower basket is a great spring gift idea.

Easter crocheted flower basket

Easter crocheted flower basket

This is a small about 2 inch crocheted basket. It is stuffed with a piece of old crocheted sweater and it is made out of recycled yarn. So, it’s a great go green spring gift idea.

The flowers are small and crocheted. They are pinned on color head pins.

Easter crocheted flower basket

Easter crocheted flower basket

The center piece is white and made out of recycled lace. It is a fabric rolled flower adorn with yellow ribbon. I used hot glue gun to put the whole crocheted basket and flowers together. In total the basket has 7 crocheted flowers of different colors.

Easter crocheted flower basket

Easter crocheted flower basket

This tiny spring flower basket makes a great go green and handmade gift for Easter or any other occasion. You may find it on my Etsy store recycledcrafting.


Crocheted headband with a flower

I have been doing much crocheting these days. Here is another one of my small crocheting projects for kids: a hair band with a flower.

crocheting for kids

I tried to crochet a narcisi fower, but it does not look like it. Still, I think the crocheted flower looks cute.


Crocheting: baby hat

Crochet baby hatCrocheting: my first crochet baby hat, I finished today.

Here is how I crocheted it:

I’ve made two stitches, then done 6 single crochets in the first stitch.

For the next row I’ve made 3 stitches, then did 2 double crochets in every stitch of the circle.

From then on I’ve use triple crochets for every row and done 1 addition of sitch for every three stitches. (2 tipple crochets, then 2 more in one stitch, etc.). That I’ve done to make a big enough circle.

Then I started to decrease the number of stitches, decreasing every 5th stitch. Kept on crocheting like this for 4 rows.

I’ve crocheted rib knit, doing front and purl triple crochets in turn. I’ve done two rows of this type. Then I joined the hat with the rib knit and crocheted the flower.

nice crochet flower

crocheting pics on pinterestEasy crocheting flower

That’s how it looks on her