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Cute little bird craft

This craft project is cute and easy to do. And it’s a go green crafting project, too, as I have used recycled fabric for it.

blue bird craft project

blue bird craft project

It’s a tiny stuffed soft bird toy. I have used an old t-short fabric for it. I have crocheted the wings and made legs out of old piece of wire.

blue bird craft project

blue bird craft project

This bird makes a great toy or just a pretty decoration for your home. I have hand stitched it and it about min to sew this bird by hand. Check out my Pinterest board or Facebook for instpiration crafting ideas and for green crafts.

3 reasons to learn recycled crafts



recycling crafts plastic bottle flowers

recycling crafts plastic bottle flowers

From trash to beauty

I will not name the obvious reason for learning recycled crafts. It’s being eco friendly. There are some other great reasons to learn this type of crafting. Take a look at three of them here.


1. Recycled crafts offer you wide diversity of choice

There is almost limitless number of things you can craft learning recycled crafts. You can upcycle or recycle almost anything. At this most of the materials for recycling or upcycling are easy to work with. You may use anything from used coffee filters to plastic water bottles or aluminum cans or broken tiles for you craft projects. So, the choice of material and of the things you make crafting is limited only by your imagination.


Plus, you learn different crafting techniques, mastering recycled crafts. I have learned crocheting, decoupage on glass and plastic, paper-mache or working with cotton wool for my recycling projects.

2. Recycled crafts are easy to learn

Most of the recycling craft projects are easy to do. You can learn them quickly and finish them up in a matter of minutes or hours. For instance, you may make a plastic bottle crochet bracelet in less than 10 min. Or, you may make a cute little plastic bottle basket in just half an hour. You may do recycled crafts with your kids, teaching them to live green and to have and craft.


3. Recycled crafts are cheap

In most cases crafting takes some money. You need to buy the materials for your crafting projects. It’s not a problem with recycled crafts. For instance, I use old yarn for my projects. I recycle old sweaters or scarfs and use that yarn. In most cases, you may get glass bottles for decoupage, water bottles, cans, or cardboard for free. And, there is another advantage to consider. When you learn to craft, you get some chances of spoiling your first projects. With recycled crafts it’s not a big deal, as the materials are either cheap or free. And your material supplies can be easily refilled.


Hopefully, these reasons to learn recycled crafts are good enough for you to try them. Check out some of the ideas and how tos for recycled crafts on my blog.