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10 min Merengue cake recipe

I love cooking, but I also love to make simple and tasty things that don’t take too long to cook. One of such recipes is merengue cake.

merengue cake recipe

merengue cake recipe

Here is how you can make merengue in about 5 min without having to whipping up the eggs. You just take one egg white and mix it up with sugar powder. Mix it until you get sort of sweet dough. Then you make small or larger balls out of this dough and put it into your microwave for 2 min. Done!

merengue cake recipe

merengue cake recipe

I made four large merengues, so I had to crush them for this cake. I whipped cream with sugar and lemon juice. Merengue is very sweet, that’s why I added some lemon juice to the cream. I sliced some oranges and bananas and started to for layers of merengue, fruit and whipped cream. I made a cone shaped cake.

merengue cake recipe

merengue cake recipe

I used some cocoa powder and sprinkled it on the top of the merengue cake. It took me 10 min to get this cake done and about another 10 min to make merengue. So, it is a quick recipe.

Heart shaped brownie cake recipe

This is a delicious and “handsome” brownie cake. You can easily bake it in your microwave, if it has grill function.

brownie cake

brownie cake

The good thing is that you need only basic ingredients for this cake. Here they are:

1 dark chocolate bar
3 table spoons of cacao powder
3 eggs
5 ounces of sugar
5 ounces of butter (you can use 1 cup of vegetable oil instead, it makes the recipe healthier)
1 tea spoon of baking soda
4 ounces of flour
1/2 cup of yogurt (optional)

You melt butter and chocolate together. Add the rest of the ingredients to this melted mix and stir. Done.

The mix should not be thick. It should be something like sour cream in its texture. Pour the mix into the baking pan and set it into your oven or microwave. It takes me around 20 mins to bake my brownie cake.

Now, once it gets baked, you can eat it just like that or you can make a heart cake out of this brownie cake. Here is my brownie heart recipe. I bake two of the above mentioned cakes. Then it would be good to have a heart shaped baking pan, but if you do not have one, you can make one.

I used two pieces of cardboard to make mine. Here is what I’ve done. I cut to cardboard strips and stapled them together to form an outline of a cardboard heart.

Then I placed it onto the large plate and used sticky tape to fasten it there. I crushed both brownie cakes and made crunches out of them. Then I made simple cream out of sugar, vanilla and sour cream. I add few table spoons of sugar to the sour cream and heated it up.

I make the first brownie crunch layer in the heart shape on the plate, covered it with some sliced bananas and kiwi and poured some cream on the top. Then I covered the whole thing with the second brownie cake crunch layer. And, again, added some fruits and cream.

Finally, I spread some crunch lefts over and used some edible cake decorations on the top. I left the cake in the cardboard shape for an hour to get soaked up with the cream and stick together. Then I removed the cardboard border and the brownie cake stayed in the heart shape!

Easy orange jelly recipe

This orange jelly recipe is indeed easy and healthy. But it also looks good and kids love the way you serve it.

orange jelly recipe

orange jelly recipe

Here is how you make this orange jelly. The recipe:

1 table spoon of gelatin

2-3 table spoons of sugar or honey

1/2 cup of hot water

5-6 oranges

a bit of cinnamon

You pour gelatin with hot water, add sugar or honey and stir it well. Then you slice the oranges in half and squeeze the juice out and remove all the insides without damaging the skins.

You mix the juice with the gelatin mix and stir it well. Add some cinnamon and pour your jelly into the orange half. Then you set them into your fridge and freeze them. You serve your orange jelly right in the orange skins and you may use some fresh mint leafs for decoration.

orange jelly recipe

orange jelly recipe


My quick Valentin day haerts gifts and heart pie

We got together with our friends and a bunch of kids for the Valentin day. I had just two hours to get ready. So, here is a simple Valentine craft for kids project.

easy craft project for kids

easy craft project for kids

easy craft project for kids

easy craft project for kids

We have used old magazines to cut out hearts. So, it’s a recycled craft project for kids. Then we got some twigs and painted them with copper red. Then I used got glue to glue the hearts to the twigs and decorated them with glass beads and ribbon.

valentine day pie

valentine day pie

Finally we baked the feathery pie in the shape of heart. Kids simply loved those hearts on twigs and everyone loved the pie.





Easy potato recipe: potato cutlets

I have not been sharing any recipes for a while. This one is basic and easy and I have “invented” it myself, but as it is basic, someone else may have already invented it, too. The basic ingredient here is potato.

Easy potato recipe

Easy potato recipe

Here is a list of ingredients you would need for this easy recipe:

– Potato

– Egg

– A table spoon of flour

– Two or three table spoons of sour milk or cream

– Salt and spices

– A bit of baking soda

– Coriander

– Onions

There is the making of potato cutlets:

Cook mashed potatoes or use some mashed potatoes left overs from yesterday. Fry some onions. You may use small slices of bacon when frying onion. Add an egg, fried onions, salt and spices. Mix the sour milk or cream with a bid of baking soda (just a tiny bit) and add the mixture to the mashed potatoes. Add some flour to make the mix more thick, so you could use your hands to form small balls out of it.

Mix some flour with grind coriander seed. Preheat the pan with vegetable oil on it. Roll the balls, shape small cutlets out them and dip them into the flour with coriander on both sides. Then fry the potato cutlets from both sides.

Done. You may serve your potato cutlets hot with cream or sour cream or with mayonnaise.

Easy Christmas cookie recipe: Cristmas tree cookies

I just cut out a slice of plastic out of a water bottle, then I bended it in the form of a Christmas tree. It’s not the nicest form, but it worked well for me for this Christmas cookie recipe.

Cristmas tree cookies

Cristmas tree cookies

It’s a 15 min Christmas cookie recipe. Really easy to make. I wanted to make some special treats for my kids today and they get all excited about the upcoming New Year and Christmas holidays. We have been making Christmas tree handmade toys this week.

So, I decided to shape these Christmas cookie recipe treats in the form of Christmas tree. Here is the recipe and the making:


– Flour 9 ounces

– Baking soda 1 tea spoon

– Butter 7 ounces

– 1 egg

– a bit salt

– Sugar 9 ounces

Mix up all the ingredients. That’s it. Heat up the oven. Roll the dough on a sheet of baking paper. For this Christmas cookie recipe it has to be rolled thin. Then cut out your cookies, set them in the oven for about 10 min. Top them with melted chocolate. Done.

As you may see, this is a very easy Christmas cookie recipe. The problem was that I did not have the Christmas tree shape to form the cookies. So, I made one in few minutes out of a plastic water bottle.

Here it is:

Cristmas cookie recipe
Christmas cookie recipe

How to reuse plastic bottles: crocheting crafts and nice things for home

I have to say I love crafting and I love upcycling. It’s a great thing, when I can combine the two the learn to reuse plastic bottles or other things we usually throw away. So, here I came up a few nice projects on repurposing plastic bottles.

Recipe frame is one of them:

how to reuse plastic bottles

That is one more problems solved in my house. I used to store all my recipes in a notebook. When I open it up to see the ingredients, I spill things over the pages and the recipe book gets untidy and messy. I hope you do better than I in this respect. But I have several recipes I use all the time. So, here is the repurposed plastic bottle and crocheting project to solve my problem.

As you may see, the plastic for the frame came from a plastic bottle. Here is my step by step how-to on this one:

1. Cut out a piece of smooth plastic our of the plastic bottle.

2. Make holes on the edges with a pricker.

3. Use some nice yarn and crocheting hook to crochet the thing around from three sides.

4. Measure the size of your frame pocket and print out or write out your recipes. (Do two of them for one frame).

5. insert the recipes inside the frame and crochet the last side.

6. Crochet a chain to hang the frame and decorate it, if you wish to.


BTW, the butterfly is also made out of the plastic bottle. I think, this way my recipes look nice. They are always right before my eyes, so I do not even have to get the recipe book out. And, I;ve reused some of the plastic bottles decorating my home. All you need is a little crocheting skill and some imagination for this easy plastic bottle upcycling project.

Healthy food recipes: ratatouille

As you have already figured out, ratatouille is a French cuisine dish. It means the ‘food that is being stirred’. It’s a common rusting food, also called naff stew. I won’t go into the history details of this dish. I have found many ratatouille recipes online. Finally, I had to come up with my own recipe, as I had to cook it with the ingredients I had at the moment. So, here is my ratatouille recipe:

healthy cooking: ratatouille recipe

I know, this looks pretty unusual for ratatouille recipe. I just did not have any other stew pan to cook it in.

Ratatouille recipe ingredients:

2 squashes

2 egg plants

1 large tomato

Garlic cloves

Green onions

1 small carrot

Chicken and vegetable broth


Vegetable oil

Ratatouille recipe making:

As you may see, I was out of one of the essential ratatouille ingredients. That is sweet pepper. So, I had to do without it. First, I cut egg plants in half and left them soaking in salty water. Then I boiled chicken broth, added few garlic cloves, few mushrooms, 1 onion and few pieces of chopped carrot. I also added some salt and black pepper. Once the broth got ready, I blended it.

Next, I sliced squashes and egg plants and placed them into a stew pan.

squash recipe

As you may see, I have made pretty thin slices and interlaced egg plant ones with squashes. I have poured in some vegetable oil, added sliced tomatoes and sliced garlic cloves. Then I placed the pan into the oven. I let it stay there for some 20 min for the veggies to get a bit fried up. Then I poured in the broth.

Finally, I added some greens (chopped green onions) on the top and turned the heat down. I have also added some coriander seeds and curcuma to my Ratatouille.

Ratatouille recipe