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Chocolate spoon cake recipe

This was the first time I heard about and made some chocolate spoon cake. Here is where I founds it recipe: http://www.chefdehome.com/Recipes/80/Chocolate%20Spoon%20Cake.

And, here is the result of my first cooking experiment with this recipe:

chocolate spoon cake

I do not have special forms for baking it. So, I made one largerchocolate spoon cake in a ceramicmortar. It worked quite well for this type of cake, as the mortar is thick, which prevents the spoon cake from being burnt.

My chocolate spoon cake turn out alright. It is delicious, sweet, but unfortunately pretty high in calories.

Cheese desert recipe: delicious soft cheese balls

I found this delicious (curd)  soft cheese dessert recipe in one of the rustic newspapers and modified it a bit.

Cheese desert recipeThis is an easy to make dessert and a healthy one, too. You can use low fat curd for it, if you count calories.


7 Oz of curd or soft cheese

A cup of coconut chips

2-3 table spoons of sugar (depends on how sweet you like them, I put less sugar)


1/2 Orange


I crushed the curd, added sugar and mixed in coconut chips. That’s it for the basic recipe. I also added some walnuts and chopped orange with juice. I mixed it all up, then rolled the balls and dipped them into more coconut. Done! It’s a very fast and tasty cheese desert recipe!

Quick pastry recipes: choux pastry hearts

pastry recipes: heartsThese choux pastry hearts was my first at them. But, it is a quick and delicious pastry recipe.

Choux pastry dough ingredients:

Melted butter 3,5 oz

Flour 3,7 oz

4 eggs

1/2 tea spoon of salt

2 tea spoons of sugar

0,5 pints of water


Quick pastry recipe making:

Set water to boil in a large pot. Add butter, sugar and salt. When the water starts boiling, you set it off the stove and add all the flour. Then quickly start mixing up the dough. It has to become smooth and roll into sort of a ball.

You let it cool off for few minutes, then start adding eggs one by one. You have to mix the eggs in fast, so they would not get cooked in the hot dough.

You dough is ready. You may either make hearts or just make round eclairs from it. You may fill them with cream or top with hot chocolate. I used the hot chocolate recipe from my blog  here for this quick pastry recipe.

choux pastry hearts

I’ve made these hearts with my kids. They loved to squeeze the pastry out and form different eclairs. So, it’s a good idea for entertaining kids, too.

5 min Brownie cookies recipe

I love Brownie, who doesn’t? Now, most of my friends use ready made mixes to make them. I prefer home cooking and always try to find quick recipes. Take a look at what I call 5 min Brownie cookies recipe. It really takes just 5 min to make with no ready mix used.

Quick and easy brownie recipe


A pound of cookies

Cookies I use for quick Brownie recipeThis is the kind of cookies I use.

1 can of condensed milk or 1 cup of thick cream

3 ounces of melted butter

Half bar of chocolate

4 table spoons of cacao powder

2 ounces of sugar

Nuts: almonds, hazelnuts or chesnuts


Melt the butter. Put the cookies into your kitchen cutter or kitchen machine and chop them. Add sugar, cacao powder and a piece of chocolate bar, chop and mix again.

Making Brownie in 5 min

Then pour in the melted butter and condensed milk or cream. Mix again.

Now, you can form your Brownie cookies. You can just roll the balls or sweet potatoes of them with your hands. I used a small form for cakes to make them. I crushed nuts and put some inside the cake form, then filled it with the mix and press hard. Then I just got the ready cake out.

You can form hearts out of this Brownie mix, too and use them for your Valentine day celebration.

Quick and easy cookies or waffle recipe

Quick waffle recipeI use this recipe when my kids have company over and I have nothing ready to serve them with their tea.


2 eggs

1/2 cup of sugar

3,5 ounces  of butter or margarin

4 ounces of sour cream or keffir

Baking soda 1/2 of tea spoon

A bit of salt

3 cups of flour


A handfull of walnuts or/and raisins

For this quick waffle recipe should melt the butter (I do it in microwave) and mix it up with eggs, baking soda, sugar and sour cream. Then you add flour. Here is what you get.

Quick recipe of waffle mix

It should be as a thick cream. Too soft to handle with fingers. But Ok to take withe spoon.

You may bake the waffles or cookies as I call them in your electric waffler. I love ‘old things’, so I use this:

old Soviet Days Waffler

Once it gets heated up, it takes only few minutes to bake a full plate of small waffles. And, they look nice, too.