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Half staff housekeeping and cleaning tips

You know, one of the best things about half ready foods is that they make our life much easier. You just put them into your microwave and your lunch or dinner is ready! Wouldn’t that be great to have such half staff ‘products’ for our house cleaning? Something that takes only few minutes to finish, but helps you to keep your house clean at all times. It’s a fascinating idea for me. And, I  believe such half staff house cleaning things can work well, too.

cleaning tips

I know, it might sound a bit confusing or nuts at first. But, just take a moment to think about it. What is the busiest time of your day? It’s morning and evening for me. So, can I do something to get prepared and make a bunch of these half staff things to pull them out and get finish them up in just few minutes, when I am extremely busy? Why not?


I discovered that with a little bit of planning it’s quite possible to do. I can get many things done just in half to get prepared for the rush hours of the next day. For one, I keep goats and I need to milk them 3 times a day. I use a large plastic jug as my milking pan. And, every time I have temptation to leave it unwashed after I pour the milk out of it. It takes just a moment to clean it. But, if I do not take this moment, the next time I go milking, I have a little stress. I have to heat up the water, clean the milking pan well and it all takes time and make this task a little bit more stressful and complicated.


This is true about most of the things we do. Taking just few moments to prepare things and get them half way done frees more time during your rush hour and makes such hours less stressful. It gives you more time to relax and enjoy your life even in the busiest moments of it! It works for me. I hope, you can take little time and do little planning to make some positive changes in your life with the half staff things for house cleaning.

Little bit of useful decoupage

This is a paper box decoupage project. I have had a trouble with storing by spices. They used to lie around on the shelves and it was a mess. I had several of the packs opened and they would occasionally get spilt. Today, when I cleaned the mess out, I noticed, I had two packs of ground black pepper and two packs pf coriander opened.

I even had a funny incident with these messy spices. My coriander and cinnamon packs look pretty similar. They are designed in the same color. And, in Russian coriander and cinnamon sound pretty much the same: coriander and coritsa. So, I have gone ahead and put a tea spoon of cinnamon into my soup instead of coriander! Can you imagine that!


But, here is my decoupage solution for the messy spices:

spice box decouapge

This decoupaged item used to be a wine packaging box. So, it’s a great upcycling and green living idea, too.

I cut out part of the box and repainted it to cover up the print on it. Then I decoupaged it with a napkin.

spice box decouapge

Of course, I could fit only part of my spices in the decoupaged box. I’ll have to get couple more of them done. But, I already cleaned part of the mess and every little bit helps.

So, now I

spice box decouapge

That’s my spice box decoupage

My house cleaning story testimony or how the 1st cleaning tip worked for me

Housekeeping tips

I have a tiny house. It has only two rooms: one large and one small. So, it gets a bit crowdy both for people and for things in my house. I used to have real trouble with housekeeping to keep all things on their proper places. I heaped them in all kinds of places and mostly I heaped them in my small bed room.

I have a baby sitter coming to my home to stay with kids, while I work. I was really ashamed to show her that small room. Sometimes, she had to come in there to get the clothes for the baby. Every time she did, I felt bad over the mess in that room. It really got messy. I had heaps of things on the bed and on the chairs; toys all over the floor, etc. You know, how it gets with smalls kids playing.

When I discovered Flylady system, I decided to get that room cleaned. You know what? It took me a week to gather up all my strength and heart to plan that big cleaning. I decided to follow simple Flylady rules: set the alarm clock for 15 min and try to do only basic cleaning. I.e., to move all the things to right places, even if it was just to heap them over in on my shelves, to vacuum, dust and may be even wash the floor. No need to move away beds, wash windows, etc. Just very basic cleaning.

I honestly believed, it would take me few hours to get that done. I did not see any good reason to set the alarm clock for 15 min. What can one get done in 15 min with such a mess? But, I followed the rule and set it.

Guess what? I got to work, moved out all the heaped stuff, picked up the toys, made my bed, vacuumed, dusted and washed the floor just in 11 MINUTES! I worked quickly, but I could not believe my own eyes! Just 11 minutes!

That room looked completely different after that cleaning. I spent a week going around the house in bad mood, thinking about the upcoming cleaning in the small room. I wasted a week for being in downcast spirits, but it took me only 11 min to get rid of the mess. It looked like a miracle to me.

And, never since I had that mess coming back to my small room. Now I know the truth and it has set me free: things do not take as long, as we think, they would. And, even 15 min cleaning matters.

3 cleaning secrets to keep your house shining at all times

I have to be honest with you, a year ago my house used to be a complete mess. I dreaded those unexpected visits of my friends or relatives. I just could not have anyone over. If we planned to invite someone to visit us, this meant a day or two of urgent cleaning for me. Now, I have a very good reason to excuse myself for such a mess. I have two young kids of 4 and 1 years of age. I work 5 hours a day. I used to do all the washing by hand and I still hand wash my dishes.

But, I did not feel happy or content living in all that mess, neither did my husband or kids. I got sick and tired of all my relatives speaking their minds out to me and no help from them. So, I only had to pray for a miracle. And, I got one. I have stumbled on the Flylady.net and a book by Marla Watson. It is a pretty simple book to follow. At first, I did not think much of it. But, I had nothing to lose, so I gave it a try… and it WORKED!

So, if you can at least partially relate to my story, here is my first practical cleaning tip. It really worked for me: Use the alarm clock, when cleaning.

Here is what you do: you set the alarm clock for 15 min and get to work. First select the area for cleaning. Do not attempt to clean the entire house all at once. It won’t work. I used to spend hours cleaning my house with no visible result. I made my heart fail at the very thought of cleaning.

So, you select just one area or one room of your house and get to work just for 15 min. Do not try to do the in depth cleaning during this time. Just try to get rid of the biggest mess in the area: make up your bed, put away all the clothes or other stuff, laying on the beds or floor. Try to dust, sweep and wash the floor or vacuum. That’s it. Do not set a goal too large to accomplish in 15 min.

Here is where the miracle comes in: if you focus on cleaning just one area and spend just 15 min on it, you will be amazed at how much you can accomplish in that short time. Even little effort counts, especially if it is a very targeted one. You will be amazed to see, what difference it makes to clean one area for 15 min with alarm clock. In my next post on cleaning tips, I’ll share my personal ‘cleaning miracle story’. To be continued…