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DIY project: playhouse with slide

This is one of my husband’s wood DIY projects: a playhouse with a slide. It did save us lots of money and it has given our kids lots of fun to play with it.

Here is this wooden playhouse with a slide, two swings and sandpit.

DIY project: wood playhouse with slide

You may see only one swing on the right, but there is a tire swing next to it there. As you may see, the sandpit is below the house, so kids can play there during sunny and hot hours or when it rains. The playhouse is made of wood and the slide is made of zinc coated iron.

Here is how this wood playhouse DIY project has started:

DIY project: wood playhouse with slide

DIY project: wood playhouse with slide

And, here is the kind of fun we have with it now:

DIY project: wood playhouse with slide

We have placed a PVC pool underneath the slide. Poured the water in and got our mini aqua park at home with this wooden playhouse with a slide.

DIY project: wood playhouse with slide

Here we have some grand splashes in the pool!

This DIY wooden playhouse project has save us lots of money, too. If we were to buy it ready made, we had to pay around $ 3 – 5 000! For the DIY project my husband had to buy some wood and iron, sand and nails, etc. But, roughly estimated, this DIY playhouse cost amount to less than $1 000. So, that’s a lot of money saved.

And, we have all the ‘white envy’ of our neighbours. They all really love this playhouse. When we have a church home group meeting, they love to have it over at our house, because we can let kids run and play and they let us pray and fellowship.

This is a great post. I wish, I could have read it few years ago!

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