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10 min Merengue cake recipe

I love cooking, but I also love to make simple and tasty things that don’t take too long to cook. One of such recipes is merengue cake.

merengue cake recipe

merengue cake recipe

Here is how you can make merengue in about 5 min without having to whipping up the eggs. You just take one egg white and mix it up with sugar powder. Mix it until you get sort of sweet dough. Then you make small or larger balls out of this dough and put it into your microwave for 2 min. Done!

merengue cake recipe

merengue cake recipe

I made four large merengues, so I had to crush them for this cake. I whipped cream with sugar and lemon juice. Merengue is very sweet, that’s why I added some lemon juice to the cream. I sliced some oranges and bananas and started to for layers of merengue, fruit and whipped cream. I made a cone shaped cake.

merengue cake recipe

merengue cake recipe

I used some cocoa powder and sprinkled it on the top of the merengue cake. It took me 10 min to get this cake done and about another 10 min to make merengue. So, it is a quick recipe.

Fun and easy crafts for kids and adults: making disc pendents and crocheted bracelets

These are the easy and fun crafts. The best thing is that you do not need some special supplies or much time to finish these projects and you can do them with your kids.

Here is the disc and key pendents easy adn fun crafts:

easy and fun crafts disc pendent

easy and fun crafts disc pendent

Here is what I used to make it:

easy and fun crafts disc pendent

easy and fun crafts disc pendent

These are the old and rusty metal discs used to faster the bolts. You may use new ones. This way you would not have to clean them. I washed and sanded them a bit. Then I used nail glue to color a disc pendent from both sides. I also used nail gems to decorate the pendent and put it on a rope. The other disc is for the ring to go with that pendent. As nail polish dries up fast, it took me only about 5 min to finish this easy and fun craft idea of disc pendent. It’s for my girl of 5 years of age.It looks real cute, too.

Here is another easy and fun craft project: It’s my key pendent

easy and fun crafts key pendent

easy and fun crafts key pendent

easy and fun crafts key pendent

easy and fun crafts key pendent

These pendents are made the same way as the disc ones. The golden one is for me and the pink one is for my daughter as she loves pink. I used nail polish and nail gems to decorate the old keys.

Here is another easy and fun craft: making bracelets. It takes about 5-10 min to make one, if you know some basic crocheting.

easy and fun crafts handmade bracelets

easy and fun crafts handmade bracelets

I used a slice of plastic water bottle for the bracelet base. Just cut out a ring out of plastic bottle. If it is too big for your hand, make a slice out of it and make it tighter by tying it together with sticky tape.

Then just crochet it over with yarn with the simple crochet stitches. That’s it. Your handmade bracelets are ready. You may cut a wider slices of plastic to make wider handmade bracelets. That’s an easy and fun craft indeed.

Easy handmade Christmas gifts: DIY bulb Christmas tree decoration gifts for kids

easy christmas gift recycled snowman

easy christmas gift recycled snowman

It’s one of the easy recycled crafts for kids. This handmade christmas gift you may easily make with your child. They are very cheap, so you may make a bunch and use them as favors for some party.

bulb snowman

bulb snowman

recycled craft christmas toy

recycled craft christmas toy

Now, guess what these recycled Christmas toys are made of. Yes, they are made out of old bulbs. And they are very easy to make. Here is what you need for making your easy handmade Christmas gifts:

– a bulb

– glue

– napkins

– color cardboard

– yarn

– some cotton wool

– any decor items or glitter

Here is your easy handmade Christmas gifts how to for bulb upcycling:

Most napkin consist of several thin layers. You need to peel them up and use only one thin white layer. You rumple it and glue it to the bulb. Let it dry well. Meanwhile you can make a hat for your Christmas toy. Use stapler or glue to make the cardboard hold together. Then glue some cotton wool or decorations to it.

Once the Christmas toy dries up, you should put the hat on and glue some cotton wool or color napkin to make a coat. You may make the hard out of yarn. You may also use paint to color it once it dries up. Your imagination is your only limit. These things turn out real cute. My child has already started to give them out to her friends and they love these recycled craft Christmas toys.

Thin pancake recipe: we call them in Ukraine Nalisniki

Ukrainians love pan cakes. I have provided few pancake recipes on my blog, such as huge pancakes or apple pan cakes. Here is another one, we call Nalisniki. This word means that the pancake is large and covers all the pan.

Nalisniki pan cake recipe

The plate beneath the pancakes is large.

Nalisniki pancake recipe:

Milk 1 quart

1 egg

2-3 table spoons of sugar


5 table spoons of all purpose flour

These are the basic ingredients for these Ukrainian pancakes.

The making:

Add egg to the milk, stir well, then add salt and sugar. Finally, start adding flour spoon by spoon. The mix has to be pretty liquid, but with no blobs. Usually, I mix it with a hand whisk, but you can also use an electric one. Only in this case you would have to add more flour.

The mix has to be as thin sour cream in its texture. Then you heat up the pan, pour in some vegetable oil, take a larger spoon and pour the mix on hot pan. You fry the pan cakes on both sides. That is the basic Nalisniki pan cake Ukrainian recipe.

Plastic sewing box decoupage

This far I have decoupaged two plastic boxes for sewing and one wood box. These were just simple white plastic boxes for storing sewing supplies, such as needles, yarn, etc.

plastic box decoupage

This is the smaller box. I have used spring flower napkin to decoupage it.

Here is the second and larger decoupaged plastic box. I used lily pattern for it.

plastic box decoupage

Here is how I started this easy DIY project.

plastic box decoupage

As you may see, I have started to repaint the box here. It does not look good at first. I tried to use sandpaper to help the paint stick better to the box, but it wasn’t needed.

Once the paint get dried up, I decoupaged the box and covered it up with more polish.

Here is the second and larger decoupaged plastic box.

Half staff housekeeping and cleaning tips

You know, one of the best things about half ready foods is that they make our life much easier. You just put them into your microwave and your lunch or dinner is ready! Wouldn’t that be great to have such half staff ‘products’ for our house cleaning? Something that takes only few minutes to finish, but helps you to keep your house clean at all times. It’s a fascinating idea for me. And, I  believe such half staff house cleaning things can work well, too.

cleaning tips

I know, it might sound a bit confusing or nuts at first. But, just take a moment to think about it. What is the busiest time of your day? It’s morning and evening for me. So, can I do something to get prepared and make a bunch of these half staff things to pull them out and get finish them up in just few minutes, when I am extremely busy? Why not?


I discovered that with a little bit of planning it’s quite possible to do. I can get many things done just in half to get prepared for the rush hours of the next day. For one, I keep goats and I need to milk them 3 times a day. I use a large plastic jug as my milking pan. And, every time I have temptation to leave it unwashed after I pour the milk out of it. It takes just a moment to clean it. But, if I do not take this moment, the next time I go milking, I have a little stress. I have to heat up the water, clean the milking pan well and it all takes time and make this task a little bit more stressful and complicated.


This is true about most of the things we do. Taking just few moments to prepare things and get them half way done frees more time during your rush hour and makes such hours less stressful. It gives you more time to relax and enjoy your life even in the busiest moments of it! It works for me. I hope, you can take little time and do little planning to make some positive changes in your life with the half staff things for house cleaning.

Home condensed milk easy recipe

This is a very easy home condensed milk recipe. In my country we have a big problem: most food manufacturers use palm oil instead milk in most of the ‘dairy’ products. So, buying a condensed milk, you cannot be sure, you are not just eating a bunch of bad and cholesterol rich fats.

condensed milk easy recipe

Another big problem is buying real milk even at the farmers’ market. Most of them sell only skim milk or use various tricks to make more milk than their cows can give. That is one reason why I keep goats.

So, here is the condensed milk easy recipe:


1 quart of milk (do not use the skim one or low fat. I use goat milk, it is higher in fat)

12 ounces of sugar

Optionally you may add:

2 table spoons of starch or flour

Some vanilla

Some coconut crunch

Making of the home condensed milk:

Set the milk to boil and add all the sugar. Stir it untill sugar dissolves. Then set it on a low heat.

I forgot to mention that you need to use a pan with thick walls. You can use any pan, but a thick wall one would work the best. You would not have to be standing and stirring the milk all the time.

It took me about one hour of low heat boiling to make condensed milk. I stirred it once in a while and added few table spoons of sugar along the way. When the milk got a bit thick and after an hour of cooking it, I added vanilla and 1 spoon of starch OR 2 table spoons of all purpose flour and stirred it well. You may do without the starch or flour, but the cooking would take longer and you’d get smaller amount of the condensed milk.

Now, from 1 quart of milk I got about 0,6 quarts of condensed milk. As you may see on the photo, it has a creamy color. To make it thicker, you may set it in a fridge for new hours. You may also add some coconut crunch or cocoa or anything else you can think about to flavor it.

Here is an interesting fact: my home condensed milk is a natural and clean product, as it does not contain any chemical additions. And, it turns out much cheaper than the ready made condensed milk! 0,6 quart cost me only$2, while if I had to buy it, I’d pay at least $4,5.

You can use this condensed milk easy recipe to make cream for your cakes, too. Even though condensed milk is not the most healhy food on earth, the homemade one is much healthier than the one you can get in a can.

Easy potato waffles recipe

I have already rebloged an easy potato waffles recipe on my blog. Finally, I have tried to cook it and I simply love it! I have already shared with you some of my sweet waffles recipes. Here is how I made these potato waffles.



2 small potato, peeled, grated finely
¼ onion, grated finely
2 small eggs, separated
⅓ cup milk
½ cup of all purpose flour

1\2 of teaspoon of baking soda
pinch salt

I have made a mix and used my old waffle pan to bake the potato waffles.

My old waffle pan to make potato waffles

easy potato waffle recipe