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Hi everyone, this is me, busymom

busy and crafty mom of two girls.

busy and crafty mom of two girls.

I am thankful to you, folks, for all the great responses and comments to my posts. I really and trully enjoy hearing from you.

When I started this blog a while ago, I had no idea of how posts I would have here or how many projects and recipes I would share. So, things did get a bit out of hand. I have TONS of great stuff here: easy and quick recipes, fabric flower projects, decoupage ideas and how-to and variuos useful DIY things.

But, they seem to be hard to find and poorly arranged. I’ll try to fix things up, if I can and reaarange the posts. But for now here is a quick tip on how to use this blog the best.

Blog tips: you may find a search box on the right hand bar. Just type in the things you like to find: recipes, decoupage on glass, DIY and go for it. Or browse the categories menu, as most of the posts are arranged under the categories and tagged.

Feel free to contact me at or find my hometalk at

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