Old glass bottle into a candle stick – new decoupage project

It’s been a while since I posted new projects into my blog. I was really busy working and writing, as I am a copywriter. But I had some time to craft, too. Here is one of my little glass decoupage projects.

decoupage on glass

decoupage on glass

I have to admit that I have found this bottle somewhere on the lake bank. I live in a beautiful neighbourhood, but some people make this place a mess. I picked this bottle up and decided to make something special out of it.

The bottle is good, because it does not get turned over easily; it has a wide bottom. So, I decided to turn it into a candle holder. We need one because the do turn the lights off once in a while. BTW, I have found another similar bottle, but a bit smaller in size and I’ll make another candle holder out of it to match this one.

glass bottle candle holder

glass bottle candle holder

First, as usual I have painted the bottle with white acrylic paint. Then I added some blue shade into it and painted the bottle using a brush. I make upward strokes to add different colors and texture to the bottle. Finally I decoupaged it with spring flowers and covered with transparent polish. It’s a ten min project, if you use hairdryer to speed up the drying processes. But it looks nice. I have managed to turn a piece of trash into something useful and good-looking! Pin it, if you like it!


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