Decoupage ideas: bunny jar

This is one of my latest decoupage projects I really love. It’s decoupage on glass with a napkin. It’s a bunny jar.

bunny far

This is a larger size glass jar. It used to lay around in the barn. I cleaned it and decoupaged with bunny napkin.

Here is a quick decoupage on glass tutorial:

– Repaint the glass jar first with acrylic paint. It’s really hard to decoupage on glass, if you do not paint it first. The napkins soak up fast and get easily torn.

– Once the paint dries up, you can start decoupaging. I use transparent furniture polish instead of glue. First I sparingly apply the polish onto the painted glass. Then I put the napkin on and add more polish to get it stick to the jar.

bunny jar2

As you may see here, I have made a little dint in the napkin right above the rabbit. Later on I dubbed it with little bit of white paint.

– Finally, you cover up the entire jar with more polish. It makes it hard to damage the decoupage and you can wash it.

I have also decoupaged the metal lid of the jar.

bunny jar3

I have also repainted it before decoupaging. Then I added a ribbon as a final touch. Now I store sugar in this decoupaged glass jar. Follow me on Pinterest and check out my Etsy store.

2 responses to “Decoupage ideas: bunny jar

  1. Absolutely love this!

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