Crochet diy bracelet and pendent with glass stones

I love crochet diy bracelets and other handmade jewelry. For one it is unique and no one else has ecxactly the same thing. Plus, these things do look special.

crochet diy bracelet

crochet diy bracelet

One of the best things about handmade jewelry is that you can easily make it yourself. You need to learn only some basic crafting skills, such as basic crocheting, for instance. Then the choice is limited by your imagination and creativity only. This set of diy bacelet and pedent was real easy to make. It took me about half an hour to make it.

The only supplies I used for it was the yarn, glass stones and glue. Here is how I made this diy bracelet: I crocheted the base measuring it against the stone. Then I used rubber glue to fix the stone in the crochet base. That’s it. The craft is easy, but the diy bracelet look great. You may couple it by a pair of stone crocheted ear rings, too.

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