Unique handmade Christmas gift ideas: cotton wool Christmas tree toys

Just few days ago I stumbled on one amazing handmade Christmas gift idea: handmade cotton wool toys for a Christmas tree. You may find a how to here.

Even though the video is in Russian, you may easily understand the technique. Here is what we’ve made with my kids.

handmade toys

handmade toys

It’s a mushroom made out of cotton wool.

handmade christmas gift ideas

handmade christmas gift ideas

It’s the top of the Christmas tree handmade mushroom.

Handmade Christmas bonny toy

Handmade Christmas bonny toy

We’ve called this toy a funny bunny. It’s a hare made out of cotton wool and decoupaged with a napkin. These handmade Christmas gift toys look funny and vintage. In Russia our grandmothers used to make such toys for Christmas tree decorations. These can make great handmade Christmas gifts for kids and even for adults.



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