Easy handmade Christmas gifts: DIY bulb Christmas tree decoration gifts for kids

easy christmas gift recycled snowman

easy christmas gift recycled snowman

It’s one of the easy recycled crafts for kids. This handmade christmas gift you may easily make with your child. They are very cheap, so you may make a bunch and use them as favors for some party.

bulb snowman

bulb snowman

recycled craft christmas toy

recycled craft christmas toy

Now, guess what these recycled Christmas toys are made of. Yes, they are made out of old bulbs. And they are very easy to make. Here is what you need for making your easy handmade Christmas gifts:

– a bulb

– glue

– napkins

– color cardboard

– yarn

– some cotton wool

– any decor items or glitter

Here is your easy handmade Christmas gifts how to for bulb upcycling:

Most napkin consist of several thin layers. You need to peel them up and use only one thin white layer. You rumple it and glue it to the bulb. Let it dry well. Meanwhile you can make a hat for your Christmas toy. Use stapler or glue to make the cardboard hold together. Then glue some cotton wool or decorations to it.

Once the Christmas toy dries up, you should put the hat on and glue some cotton wool or color napkin to make a coat. You may make the hard out of yarn. You may also use paint to color it once it dries up. Your imagination is your only limit. These things turn out real cute. My child has already started to give them out to her friends and they love these recycled craft Christmas toys.

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