Another glass bottle decoupage project

The best thing about decoupage is its affordability. I’ve got a nice large olive oil bottle. Of course it’s been long since I used up all the original oil from it, but I still use it for my plant oil in the kitchen. As you may read it here keeping your plant oil in a plastic bottle is not a good idea. So, I always pour it into the glass one after I open it up.


I have already once decoupaged this bottle, but it got oily and messy over a time. So, I just decided to redo it.

glass bottle decoupage

I’ve this new nice napkin flower pattern and I have already used it to decoupage my old cabinet. I cleaned the bottle. I did not remove the old paint layers from it. I just rubbed some sandpaper on it to help the new paint get better adjusted to the bottle. And I removed the old grease using window cleaning spray.


Then I repainted the bottle and decoupaged it all anew. Now it looks of refreshed and nice once again.

glass bottle decoupage


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