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Glass bottle decoupage tutorial

Here is another glass bottled I have decoupaged and upcycled. I really love this one.And I have a step by step tutorial for it.

glass bottle decoupage tutorial

That is the first step to make. I have repainted the bottle, using a piece of foam and white acrylic paint.


This is another one of my decoupage and upcycling projects. It’s upcycling an old pan, but you can see a little piece of foam I usually use for painting things. Unlike the brush, foam does not leave strokes and makes the paint look smooth and even on the decoupaged objects.

The next step is to cut out the napkin pattern for decoupage. Sometimes I try to cut them out carefully, while most of the times I just cut out a larger piece of pattern. Then I wet my fingers and rip off the edges to make them look uneven. This way, your napkin resembles the hand painting on the objects.

glass bottle decoupage tutorial

Here we go. The bottle is almost done. I have decoupaged it with the olive pattern, using transparent all purpose polish. Usually, I put a very sparing amount of polish on the bottle. I use a soft brush to do that. Then, I stick the napkin and add more polish.


You have to cover up the entire bottle with the polish to prevent it from getting water damaged. However, I do not do that untill al the napkin patterns get well dried up. If you touch the napkin or the paint with the wet polish on, they get stuck to your hands and you simply ruin your decoupage projects.

So, let it dry well and then cover up with another polish layer and let it dry again. Here is the final touch to this glass decoupage project tutorial. I added some strokes of silver paint all over the decoupaged bottle.

glass bottle decoupage tutorial

Do you forget to add another layer of polish, once the paint gets dried up. This will prevent your bottle from getting spoiled by water and make it more or less invulnerable to scratches. Even though this glass bottle decoupage tutorial has many steps to follow, it is easy and the actual decoupaging process takes less than half an hour. Although, you have to wait for a while for the paint and polish to dry up.



Decoupage ideas: tea jar decoupage

I have done this decoupage project a while ago, but I did not have time to write about it.Decoupage is one of my favorite crafts, along with crocheting, but it takes and time inspiration to do it.

tea jar decoupage

This tea jar decoupage is a very useful project, too. It’s a great way to upcycle things, such as old jars, glass bottles and even plastic bottles. I used to buy and store tea in paper boxes. But, with time the box would break down and the tea would fall out of it. Plus, dried tea does not ‘like’ light. It should not be exposed to light, when stored. So, I came up with this tea jar decoupage idea.

tea jar decoupage

As you may see, I have partially decoupaged the glass jar. But I have also used a different approach to decorating it. I applied some wood putty onto the jar. When it was yet soft, I used my crocheting hook to write “Tea and Chai” on the jar.

tea jar decoupage

When the putty dried up, I painted it and highlighted the inscriptions with golden paint. I have also decoupaged the jar lid.

Now my jar has become non transparent and well suited for storing tea. And, I love how it looks. All my friends tell me I have the most exquisite jars and bottles in my home:) That is what I love decoupage for. You can decoupage almost anything!

Easy 10 min mushroom cutlet recipe

Easy 10 min mushroom cutlet recipe

I love mushrooms. I guess, this easy mushroom recipe can be used for any type of “flat” mushrooms, such as these. Unfortunately, I did not find their name in English, but there are pretty affordable mushrooms.

Here is my easy mushroom cutlet recipe:



2 eggs

1 table spoon of flour

Salt and spices

Some vegetable oil or butter for frying

Easy 10 min mushroom cutlet recipe

Here is what you get. And, here is how you get this tasty snack.

Making of mushroom cutlet:

First I boil mushrooms for 5 min. Then I make batter out of eggs, flour, salt and spices. I heat up the pan and dip each mushroom into the batter. Then I fry them untill they become crusty and golden in color.That’s it!

Of course, these are not the real cutlets. They sort of look like cutlets. The mushrooms remain juicy and soft inside, but crusty on the outside. I think, this dish makes a great snack. You may serve it with some homemade mayonnaise or other sauce.