Vintage picture: spoons’ decoupage and frame decoupage

I simply love to decoupage things. Thus far, I’ve done many decoupaged glass bottles. I did not have time to write about them all. But lately I have gotten few cheap spoons at the flea market, just the regular metal spoons. I got them little over 0.1$ a piece. Here is what came out of it. It’s one of my creative decoupage ideas for upcycling.

Vintage picture: spoons' decoupage and frame decoupage

First, I have decoupaged the spoons. Here is how I’ve done it. I painted them with a simple white acrylic paint and let them dry. Then I applied the napkin with the transparent polish.

Then I decoupaged the frame. I used napkins with very bright and saturated colors. I used the same napkins both for the spoon and frame decoupage. However, I wanted the decoupaged spoons to stand out on the background of the frame. So, here is what I’ve done.

I have decoupaged the frame with the napkins and then repainted it over the napkin layer with a very ‘thin’ paint. I.e. I have added much water into the paint. I let it dry for 5 min and then wiped the paint off the decoupaged frame. It makes it look older and worn and faded the colors a bit. I glued the decoupaged spoons into the picture. That’s it.

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