Drawer Planters

i love it!!!


Now that spring has finally sprung, I am turning my attention to my patio, where we spend long hours in the summer chillaxing in the sun.

Many, many years ago (we’re talking like 17+) I got an unfinished bedside table which has been painted a number of colours over the years, but now is covered in a light blush pink.  Since I had no place for it indoors when I moved into my current home, I stuck it on the patio where it has sat for the past two years, in rain and sun and snow.  It’s now faded and cracked, but  because it’s still useful and intact (and because I have severe hoarding tendencies), I hate to throw it out.

But what to do with it?  While I was staring at it the other day I was hit with a lightbulb moment–Why not turn it into a planter?


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