Upcycling ideas for gardening and back yard: old tea pot decoupage

This time I decoupaged 3 old and burnt tea pots and repurposed them into flower pots. Here is my quick decoupage how to for the upcycled teapots.  I repainted each of them first. Then as usual I applied different napkin patterns, using transparent polish.

upcycling tea pot decoupage how to

When the decoupage was done, I placed some stones inside the teapots to drain and keep the water in. Then, I put in some soil and planted flowers. I placed the decoupaged and upcycled tea pots in our little rock garden at the backyard.

That’s how ugly the old tea pot was:

old tea pot decoupages

That’s what became of it after I decoupaged it:

old tea pot decoupage

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