Photos: a tour around near by villages

I live in Ukriane. It’s an agreecultural country wiht the richest soils in the world.  But, I have some heart breaking photos to share. I live in a town, some 25 miles from Kiev (the capital). But, if you move up to 40 miles away from Kiev, you start meeting desolation in villages:

photos of Ukraine villagesThis is a very heart breaking photo to me. The chairs look welcoming and expectant. But, the place is empty.

photos of Ukraine villages

The farms start falling apart. You can these almost in all near by villages:

photos of Ukraine villages

If I had enough money to start a small farm, I would have gladly moved away there.

There is one good news about the place. The nature is reviving. I have seen an amazing thing. I was not able to take a good of it, though. On a green field I saw 14 storks! I have never seen so many of them in one place. A while ago seeing a stork was a rare luck in Ukraine. But now they have come back and multiplied. And the air there was amazingly fresh, too.

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