Crocheted ring and other crocheted accessories

This week I have not been up to much cooking, cleaning or decoupage, but I got busy with crocheting. Here are my crocheted rings and other crocheted accessories.

crocheted ring

I have laid out a free crochet pattern for this 5 petal flower.

crocheted ring

Kids love these crocheted rings!

Here is my crocheted head band with flowers. I used a different pattern for these.

crocheted head band It was an old and ugly head band. I crocheted it over with the pink yarn and added crocheted flowers.

I have also crocheted a bracelet for myself:

crochet flower bracelet

I have crocheted a foundation for it, all the flowers and leaves and the button.

Finally, the last one of my crocheted accessories is the pendent.

crocheted pendent

crocheted pendent

It would look great, if coupled by a pair of ear rings of the same type.

These are my little crochets of the week: crocheted rings, crocheted bracelet, crocheted head band and crocheted pendent.


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