Upcycling: making a spring flower tree with crocheting and decoupage

This far I have decoupaged several glass bottles. Now I wanted to make something nicer with them. It’s great to upcycle things, when you turn something no one needs into a useful or beautiful thing. This time I used crocheting and decoupage to make a spring flower tree. I view crocheting as upcycling, too, because I mainly use old sweaters for the yarn.

upcycling: decoupage and crocheting

First of all, I have crocheted a bunch of small flowers. Here is a free pattern for these crocheted flowers.

Then I found a bottle and decoupaged it.

glass bottle decoupage

It turned out to be a nice pink love decoupage bottle. We have also gotten some twigs for this project. I painted them pink. Then I just combine the whole thing together: the decoupaged glass bottle and the crocheted flowers:

Upcycling: decoupage and crocheting

That is our decoupage and crocheting spring flower tree. Now it decorates our bedroom.

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