More crocheting: crocheted heart

I have found a similar looking crocheted heart on one of the crocheting blogs. I have pinned it and it got viral. People love it. I love it, too. So, I decided to make one together with my other sweet crochets for kids.

crocheted heart

Here are few tips on crocheting a heart like this. First, I crocheted a foundation for it. I just added stitches, where I wanted to form the round heart parts.

Then I crocheted it over with the blue yarn and finally used thin white yarn on it. It was really easy. I’ll use this crocheted heart for my decoupage decoration projects.


2 responses to “More crocheting: crocheted heart

  1. So glad I found your site! Sounds like we have a lot in common, and I’m sure I’ll be visiting quite a bit. Repinned that heart, btw. Hope you have a wonderful day:)

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