Free crocheting pattern of flower

This weekend I have crocheted many small cute flowers and other little things. I have found this flower on one of the crocheting sites, but I did not find the description for it. So, I tried to make my own pattern for this flower and it worked well:

crocheting flowers

Here is the free flower crocheting pattern:

1st row: Make a chain. The number of chains depends on the size of the flower, you want to crochet. For the smallest one I have made a chain of 3 ch.Join them in a circle.

2nd row: crochet 5 half double crochet stitches in that circle. You get the foundation circle for your flower of 5 hdc.

3rd row: Crochet 3 chains, then crochet one double stitch in the first hdc of the circle, crochet 3 more chains and crochet them into the same hdc of the circle. That is your first crochet flower petal.

Basically, you crochet 1 petal in each of the hdc of the foundation. Each petal consists of 1 chain of 3 ch, 1 double crochet stitch and 1 more chain of 3 ch. That is for a small flower.

To make a bigger flower, you make a foundation chain of 6 ch. Then crochet 10 hdc in the circle. You crochet each petal in 2 dhc of the flower foundation. You make a chain of 3 ch, Then make 2 double crochet stitches in the next 2 hdc of the crochet flower foundation. You end the petal by crocheting a chain of 3 ch and crocheting it through the same 2nd hdc of the petal. Then you make a next 2 ch chain out of this same hdc and start a next petal.

I hope these crocheting instructions for crochet flower make sense. I’ll try to add step by step photos next later on to this free flower crocheting pattern.

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